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How Russia stole the truth movement

Today, if you ask any conspiracy buff, truther or conservative who is aware of the new world order agenda what he thinks about Russia and Vladimir Putin, that person will most likely start to gush, describe Putin as a great leader, the biggest hope in the fight against western elites, a leader in the fight against radical Islam and the defender of christian values. Of course sometimes you get a more subdued and reserved answer. Russia is described as being at least substantially better than the west, the better alternative, the more rational and defensive superpower.

The common truther reasons that Russia must be good because Russia is being attacked by western politics and western media. If western elites attack someone, that someone must be good. But that is not logical. It is a very basic fallacy. If western elites attack someone that someone can also be very bad. Western media and politics used to attack Soviet Russia during the cold war. And that did not mean Soviet Russia was good.

The Russian propaganda of todays truthers constitutes a complete break with the tradition of the American truth movement. Russian intelligence has effectively taken over the movement and plays it like an orchestra of fabrications and distortions. Virtually everything the truthers believe about Russia is a lie. You are not helping yourself, or the American people or the Russian people by spreading the lies that come out of Russian intelligence.

During the cold war the american truth movement was very clear on Soviet Russia. It was not only accurately described as a horrendous dictatorship, but it was also demonstrated how the eastern bloc was built with western technology, happily supplied by western elites. Both superpowers had an unofficial agreement to maintain the balance of power and use the east-west conflict to centralize power.

When the cold war officially ended, most western citizens stopped caring about Russia. Some influential people in the truth movement tried desperately  to teach people about the revelations of high ranking Soviet defectors. There are many important books by the Russian defectors, telling how the communist party, the KGB and the military had contingency plans. A long term strategy to ditch communism, adopt a phony democracy and some semblance of capitalism. This would get Russia a timeout, time to breathe, fresh money to restructure their bankrupt economy. Time to rebuild their military and gain strength again. Most people in todays truth movement have either never heard of the long term strategy or they have forgotten about it.

In the mid 1980s elites in the East and the West knew that the Soviet Union was about to change, to transform. They came to an agreement that Russia would give up certain satellite states in Eastern Europe, and in exchange the NATO sphere would help Russia with the transition, open its markets, give loans and so on. NATO also wanted to prevent Russia from breaking into many parts with each splinter state having a different government and nuclear weapons.

It was agreed that Russia would not pursue an aggressive foreign policy for the next 25 years. The Russian defectors were horrified to see that their warnings were ignored. In public the US government declared to have won the cold war and that it was over. The american elite of course knew that Russia in time would regain strength and then become a very aggressive player again. There are way over 1000 years of recorded Russian history. It is always the same cycle. Everytime Russia loses and gets weak, they reduce the pressure domestically and internationally, they regain strength and come back in full force.

There was no real revolution in Russia after the end of the cold war. The dictators and their minions were not punished for the tens of millions of murders, the oppression, the gulags, nothing. The KGB, the military and powerful party members restructured their dictatorship. There are many wonderful and detailed books about that subject. The industry was handed over to selected insiders who were bred into the communist system but who seemed young and fresh and didn’t have obvious careers in the KGB or the diplomatic service. Later, their assets were handed over to a different set of insiders. All of that was managed by the successors to the KGB.

In the Western truth movement the interest in Russia had pretty much died off in the 1990s, unfortunately. It was more occupied with the Waco desaster, Oklahoma City, gun grabbing liberals and the leftwing world government agenda. When Bush became president and 9/11 happened all of the focus was shifting to the World Trade Center attack, the Neocons, the wars, the torture, the racketeering. Nobody cared about the Russians anymore.  The truth movement got a huge boost, the internet was becoming really popular then and it became possible to share MP3 audio files and even low bitrate compressed video files. You could freely download hours and hours of material. A lot of people at the time came into contact with the truth movement. Russia was a not a big topic back in 2001 and the following years. For most people Russia was just a blank area on the map, a broken country that did not matter anymore. Some people read the wonderful books by Antony Sutton, but today noboby talks about Suttons work anymore and virtually nobody is following in his footsteps.

Once in a while leading broadcasters in the truth movement spent some time on Russian topics. The false flag terror attacks from 1999, conducted by Wladimir Putins security services, blamed on muslim chechen terrorists for example. These attacks on buildings in Moscow were used to start a new war, turn Putin into a leader in the war on terror. Putin was the mirror image of the post-9/11 George W. Bush. Putin even had his own Bin Laden called Schamil Bassajew. A terrorist leader who was probably a double agent and who recorded videos with a camo jacket and a short AK rifle propped up in the background.

Guys like Alex Jones covered such Russian topics on their shows and websites, saying that the Soviet Union never really disappeared. You can still find old Infowars stories attacking Wladimir Putin. Infowars was using information from Russian dissidents like Alexander Litwinenko, who got killed by Russian intelligence.

But, around 2008, the investigative reporting about Russia at places like infowars, changed.

After years of careful preparations, Russia attacked the small neighboring country of Georgia and simultaneously ran a sophisticated propaganda campaign, accusing little Georgia of attacking Russia, the superpower. It was asinine propaganda, similiar to what you saw during the cold war or the Stalin era. Russia was bitching and whining how NATO was encircling them. The old encirclement lie has been picked apart by historians and military experts. It’s a joke really.

But Infowars and other places suddenly took the Russian position, they were spreading the lies, instead of doing proper reporting. It was all about evil NATO attacking good Russia. It sounded like primitive communist propaganda from the cold war. The truth movement was supposed to reveal in 2008 how Russia again started to pursue an aggressive foreign policy, how they started to attack their neighbors again. The truth movement was supposed to continue its tradition of revealing Russian strategy. The movement was supposed to reveal how the West was helping Russia to become a threat again, how NATO was creating an enemy to keep the US in business as the word police.

While Alex Jones was suddenly spreading Russian propaganda in 2008, the West was doing a ton of business with the Russians. The price of oil was artificially kept high so the Russians could profit, Western politics was in bed with the Russians, Western corporations were selling everything under the sun to the Russians, including technology vital to their military. A subsidiary of IBM sold supercomputers to the Russians to be used to simulate nuclear weapons tests. The insiders in Russia made billions, the mid-level guys made hundreds of millions and so forth. The population saw a few crumbs from the table. Of course Putin received the credit for that, even though he knows nothing about a real healthy ecomony. He bought himself an  academic title once, but he knows nothing about running an economy or any sort of business.

After 2008 the Russians kept spending more and more money on foreign propaganda. The personality cult of Vladimir Putin became bigger and bigger. In the Western truth movement it started with praise for Putin here and there, the criticism became less. On Western programs like the Alex Jones show Putins image was slowly but steadily improved. Jones had more and more guests on who are shameless Russian propagandists like Webster Tarpley and Wayne Madsen. Later Paul CRaig Roberts and many more became Russian propagandists. After a few years, Putins image had changed from a heinous dictator to the political messiah who promises hope and change.

As time progressed, Russian media and Russian agents of influence kept spreading more and more spin, distortions and fake news. Western blogs would simply copy a Russian story and other blogs would copy that and at some point the story ended up on infowars and then sometimes even on the Drudge Report. Cheap Russian lies were multiplied endlessly in the West. Instead of doing research, western bloggers simply copied Russian stories. No real fact checking. Whenever something shocking happens, the same routine is being used for the propaganda: Only the west gets blamed, irresponsible of the facts. Whatever fits that narrative is considered solid evidence, whatever contradicts that narrative, is ignored or ridiculed. Only those historical examples are used that paint the West in a bad light. Never are any examples discussed of Russian black ops, Russian regime change operations, Russian secret terror programs and so on. Of course in every such story it must be stated, either directly or indirectly, that Russia is the benign rational superpower and will solve our problems.

The bloggers tell the audience what the audience wants to hear. The audience today is caught in a filter bubble, it is demanding such fake stories. If you give the audience something else, they react in shock. If you tell them that the Russians have indeed illegally taken Crimea and eastern Ukraine, if you tell them that these territories do not belong to modern Russia, if you tell them that several other countries historically have had control and claims over Ukraine, if you tell them anything that violates the fantasies of the Russian propaganda, the audience will attack you like a pack of monkeys. They will try to shout you down, call you a beliver in mainstream news, an enemy. If the mainstream says something, it must automatically be wrong. But that is not logic. That is not reality. First of all, the mainstream media does the tell the truth whenever it suits them and they give you a fraction of the picture. That gives the mainstream a lot of power. Before 2014 Western mainstream media was incredibly soft on Russia. And so were the politicians. Just a few years ago Obama joked about the notion that Russia is Americas greatest enemy. He joked: “The 1980s called and want their foreign policy back.” When in 2010 the elite of Poland died in a suspicious plane crash in Smolensk on Russian soil, Western media and the politicians said nothing. They shut up and let Russia get away with it. Russia got away with everything until 2014 and the situation changed.

Before 2014 Western mainstream media was not allowed to tell the truth about Russia. After 2014 western media was allowed to tell some of the truth about Russia. So don’t be fooled, a lot of stuff today in Western mainstream media about the Russians is true. However the mainstream is still not allowed to tell you how Western elites helped to rebuild Russia as an enemy for the last 25 years. Instead you get a bunch of lies and distortion about that. US Generals speak publicly that they dropped the ball, they realized too late that Russia was still dangerous. The war on Islamic terror got all the attention so the American elite forgot about Russia, was too naïve and optimistic and everyone was too happy that the cold war was over. Really?

I myself have read hundreds of thousands of pages of history and political and military analysis. But even if you read only a fraction of this, you should be able to understand whats going on, you should know that Russia is one of the biggest threats in the world. It’s not rocket science. All of the alternative bloggers and radio hosts should be able to understand it, but they are either incompetent or they have chosen the lie. They want to be on the English speaking Russian television channels, they want some of the limelight of Putin, they want to act like they are part of this great christian Russian conservative world revolution.

This happened so often that it had a brainwashing effect on the Western truth movement. All the truther sites and blogs and radio programs were saying the same things. The audience thought it must be true, if everyone says the same thing! The Russian intelligence agencies knew that Western audiences were craving a leader, a political messiah. So Russian intelligence kept telling Western audiences exactly what they wanted to hear. Programs like the Alex Jones show pretty much stopped completely doing investigative reporting on Russia. No more truth about Russia. No more guests revealing the Russian tyranny, no more attention for Russian dissidents. Instead: Ridiculous hype, fantasy and lies. The audience loved it. They were craving more Russian lies. The bloggers kept feeding lies to their audience to get more popular. Hardly anybody was willing to expose the Russians because that would have meant disappointing the audience and breaking the narcissistic trance, shattering the great fantasy. Losing followers and fans is the worst possible thing to most bloggers and youtubers.

It is part of Russias long term strategy to lie to conservatives worldwide to recruit them for Russias agenda. At the same time Russia is still maintaining excellent relations with the communists worldwide. A lot of people in Russia want communism back. A lot of old Russians still think Communism was great.  And even today where we have a fascist mafia economy in Russia, there is a large element of a planned economy. If a few oligarchs control all relevant industries and if this is tightly coordinated with the government and the intelligence services, then we are speaking of a planned economy. Now the conservatives in the west are being lied to, they are being told that “god-fearing Russians today reject socialism”.

Putin recently spoke in a positive way about socialism. He said it fits with Christianity and it just wasn’t done correctly in the past. This is a remarkable change from statements in the past where he said communism was ridiculous and he just cared about Russia during his career. An article in Pravda announced that the planned economy will come back. And that is not surprising. With low oil prices the Russian economy is crashing and burning. 40% of Russians are running unregistered little companies in their garage and they pay no taxes. Russia today has a total surveillance state and can use this for a new planned economy. The Soviets did not have this technology back then, but the Putin regime does now. We might even see the return of the Gulag forced labor camps. The next time Russia invades another country you might see mass deportations. People getting shipped to Russia, to work in the camps.

I recommend Anne Applbaums book about the Gulag. Ironically she is a member of the Bilderberg Group, which was instrumental in building up the eastern bloc. Another example of limited truth told by the mainstream.

Russian intelligence is constantly managing the lies. The big general longterm lies, the medium importance lies and many smaller lies. They feed the lies to the West so that Western media, mostly alternative media, repeats these lies.

How about the famous lie about NATO encirclement: A very old lie but still being used. The lie that Russia is the fresh rational superpower while the US is a crumbling, irrational superpower. Very important one. You see, Western elites have held power for centuries continuously. There was never any major interruption, any major change. In Russia, continuity ended with the revolution in 1917. From then on the backwards country, which was still organized like in medieval times with farming serfs, was dragged into communism and Russia started all over. Lenin was crazy and didn’t last long, Stalin was crazy and he didn’t last that long, his children were meaningless, then different factions of the politburo wrestled for power, then came the big transformation in 1991 and today Russia is totally backwards except for their military and nuclear weapons. The West has way more money and industry and technology. They can just contain Russia and wait until some game changing technology gets invented to render Russias arsenal ineffective. And that will be that. Or we might see a combined world government between the US, EU, Russia and China. World dictatorship. The Putin fans in Western alternative media never speak of this likely scenario, all they do is take sides in this east west conflict.

There are so many lies I cant list them all, but there is good literature on all of this. In Russia, only about 20% of the people are practicing active orthodox Christians and that church is being run by corrupt people who are most likely members of the intelligence services. That church might soon declare Putin a saint and a new czar. The rest of the people in Russia are non practicing Christians, there are lots of atheists, lots of esoterics and occultists and there are quite a lot of muslims.

Then there is the lie that Russia is a child friendly place because citizens get a few thousand bucks for each child from the government. Well, other countries do that too, the money has to be spent on certain things, you have to wait years for that money and Russia is still a bad place for children. Record numbers of child abuse, record number of abortions, alcoholic parents, diseases, bad schools, bad health care, bad everything.

Then there is the personality cult about Putin, a short bald bureaucrat who was a lousy useless little spy during most of his career. He didn’t go on daring missions, he didn’t do dangerous manly stuff. He was shuffling papers at a desk for the KGB in an East German, communist controlled city called Dresden. He was never sent on interesting foreign assignments in Western Germany or Western Europe or North America.

When the wall came down he packed up his stuff and moved home and was broke. With his contacts he rose up in the corrupt city government of St. Petersburg, lined his pockets while Russian children were starving, and got further up the ladder. He went into politics and he was groomed by the elites precisely because he was a nobody and people thought he could be easily controlled. He bought himself a university degree and for a few months he was made to the head of the domestic intelligence agency where he purged the archives of embarrassing stuff from his past. All of this was supposed to make his résumé look better because he was competing against career diplomats and former heads of the KGB.

He knows nothing about most areas because he was never trained for it in the first place. Western audiences gush over a few tough guy photos with a bare chest, riding a horse. All of that supposed tough guy stuff was staged, and even children can do these things such as riding a horse, scuba diving and hunting. The real Putin is pretty pathetic and evil, but the phony fantasy Putin is what people see and crave. He is the narcissist and his fans are either co-narcissicts or co-dependents.

I could talk for hours about this and I have written books on it in German, and let me tell you: Nothing replaces good books so I recommend you unplug from the lies and the hype.

Here is a nasty secret: Western governments want angry conservative patriots to get into bed with the Russians. Because then the patiots will be discredited. And can be destroyed. We’re in the middle of this right now. Facebook, Google, Youtube and the governments are cracking down on the fake news and the Russian propaganda. Once Russia invades the next country, all of the Putin-propagandists in the West will experience a rude awakening. Certain so-called patriot leaders have probably crossed the line to treason already and most likely western intelligence has already all the proof they need. It’s just a matter of time until the witch hunt begins and the new McCarthy era starts. In the old cold war, American patriots had some common ground with average well meaning western intelligence agents, like the anticommunism. But today the Patriots are mostly cheering for the Russians so western intelligence has no sympathies for them.

So I implore you out there to distance yourself from the Russians, and the Russian propagandists. Understand the true nature of the east west conflict. Get back to the old classic scientific guidelines of conspiracy research.

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