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#trumpbetrayal – Alex Jones should retire

In case you have not heard it yet, it has been confirmed that Donald Trump will make Steven Mnuchin Treasury Secretary, the second generation Goldman Sachs insider who is probably a member of Skull and Bones. He was a partner in Goldman, just like his father, not simply an investment banker there, like for example Steve Bannon, Trumps “special advisor”.

The fantasy of the Trump revolution, the 2nd American revolution with Trump at the helm, should be buried immediately. There was never any credible reason to trust Trump in the first place. It was all just hype and telling what people wanted to hear. A few people might actually still delude themselves that Trump is filling his cabinet with total insiders and war mongers to fool the establishment, to lull the establishment into a false sense of security, in order to get safely inaugurated and then later fire all these cabinet people and replace them with Alex Jones fans.

But that is not going to happen.

And Alex Jones knows this full well. He is now contemplating on how to spin this, how to do damage control, to not lose his audience. He can buy himself some time by telling his audience to be patient, to wait for months before making any judgement. But you are supposed to make a judgement before you vote for someboby. That is the whole point of an election. You are supposed to make a judgement before you fan an incredible hype about a candidate. I wish Alex Jones would have himself adopted a wait and see approach. I wish Alex Jones would have told his audience that they probably should vote for Trump because this will relieve some pressure on the patriots, but you shouldn’t trust him. You should be warned that we are going to see a new Ronald Reagan or Nixon type administration. Lots of promises, but then the cabinet will be filled with insiders from the CFR. If you want a real revolution, you have to build it from the ground up. You need to have a lot of trustworthy, competent people doing the right things again again and again. It’s not as simple as waiting for some political messiah, its not as simple as listening to the hype in a radio show, click and share stuff on Facebook and then vote for this supposed political messiah, feeling superior towards the Hillary crowd.

Yes, the Trump government is likely going to bring back jobs and deport more illegals than Obama, and this could make Trump become a popular president with many, but the new world order marches on and it will be harder to reach people and to convince them that Trump is not your friend.

Alex Jones’ Infowars helped to create this monster. Maybe Jones will spin the whole thing for another six months. Maybe Jones will keep stringing his audience along. Telling his listeners that Trump is doing what he can, and Trump is still listening to Alex’ advice and so on. But what’s gonna happen if there is another 9/11 or another war? If the surveillance gets worse, if the east west conflict gets worse? Trump ist going to side with the establishment and sooner or later Alex Jones has to decide whether he is going to turn on Trump and call him out as  a traitor, or whether he is going to become a halfway mainstream media person and sell out.

Right after the election results were in, Alex Jones posted a video on Youtube in which he was demonstrating his own limitless arrogance and self delusions. Like a third rate actor he was doing overly dramatic facial expressions, hand gestures and dramatic pauses, speaking slowly how history was just made. How the second American revolution has begun. How the “holy ghost was flowing through Trump”. How he was going to get these establishment people. Total hype. Nothing but hot air.

Trump was simply a slimy businessman and real estate shark who got voted into the White House. There was never any convincing evidence Trump was going to wage war against the establishment. The actual real American revolution were people like George Washington who physically went to war against the British.

Days later Jones got a phone call from Trump. And Jones told him dramatically: “Mr. president elect, you don’t have to talk now, I know you’re too busy.”

Another example of Alex Jones’ limitless arrogance and ignorance, disguised as modesty. This was supposed to be the crowning achievement of Jones’ career. But is is turning into his biggest embarrassment.

By now, you can feel the panic over at Infowars.

How could Alex Jones feed such an irrational Trump hype for so long? Even CNN and other mainstream media outlets are now reporting that Jones acted as an advisor to the Trump campaign. Jones himself said that Trump repeats word for word what he is saying.

It is not the first time Jones has used his media power to support a presidential candidate. In 2012 Jones convinced his audience that Ron Paul was seriously running for president. The fans donated millions to the campaign and the hype was building, people believed Paul would get the Republican nomination, but then Alex Jones became really quiet. And the Ron Paul campaign was not really campaigning in places like California and Texas. And the Paul campaign was not really going after Mitt Romney. And suddenly Ron Paul stopped campaigning and wished his friend Romney good luck. The supporters were dumbfounded. Ron Paul never intended to get the nomination and be president. He just wanted to get into the TV debates and spread his message. So, millions of dollars of donations basically bought a few minutes of TV time. After that fiasco Alex Jones’ fans were hopping mad and Jones turned on Ron Paul. And then these 20 year old brats from the campaign patronized the supporters on Youtube, telling them to shut up, to follow along this grandiose plan to use all that money and attention to build up Rand Paul, to take over the Republican party and make Rand Paul president in 2016. We all know now how that one worked out.

The weasel and dirty trickster Roger Stone of course knew how Alex Jones could hype up his audience and get them to vote and to knock on doors. Did Stone just play Alex Jones? Is it that easy to play him? Or did Alex Jones never really believe the hype he was spreading? Did Jones just want the attention and the validation? Jones is bragging now how many people clicked on his stuff during the campaign. Years ago Jones used Charlie Sheen to get attention and Sheen used Jones to get a media outlet for his spin about his personal life and his problems. Jones was promising his audience that Sheen was clean and a good guy. And we know how that turned out. Did Alex Jones ever really believe the hype he was spreading about Trump? Was this just a Machiavellian ploy? Was he promised by Roger Stone that Trumps cabinet would be at least somewhat acceptable? Something you could paint in a good light to the Alex Jones audience?

Or maybe was there a lucrative advisor contract? Did Alex Jones receive money for his advising of the Trump campaign? Did Alex Jones intentionally fan the hype because he was paid for it? In my speculative estimation it is worth a couple of million dollars to whip up an audience the size of Alex Jones’ audience and get them to knock on doors and to vote.

Alex Jones is going to weasel himself out of the corner he has backed himself into. He is going to blame other people for this, he will come up with a grand conspiracy that lured him into supporting Trump and so on. But none of that changes the fact that Alex was spreading irrational hype with no credible evidence that Trump was in any way trustworthy. Jones’ judgement, his analytical skills, look terrible right now. Amateurish. And just as Jones was 100% wrong about Trump, he is totally wrong about the Russian president Putin. Jones has been playing right into the hands of the Russians, he steered his audience into a trap. Even though it should be rather easy to see through the Russian agenda. Jones has more than 20 years of experience. He calls himself the leader of the truth movement. But he is dead wrong about many important things. He gets the easy stuff right, such as criticism of surveillance and corruption, but once it gets a little more complicated he makes the biggest mistakes. And he doesn’t learn from them. He put out tons of garbage fake news that originated with Russian propaganda. He constantly defends Russias actions. He believes Putin and other powerful Russian figures are listening to his show and value it for the information. As if the Russians need the gut feelings of a Texan radio guy. As if the Russians need to hear their own propaganda regurgitated to them by Jones. As if the Russians don’t have their own analysts and strategists and intelligence agencies.

Again, limitless arrogance of Jones. Self delusions. He is easy to play, easy to fool. Or a sellout.

In 2013, during the Bilderberg conference in Watford, England, Alex Jones actually announced he was going to retire in 2018. I have recorded this and you can find the clip on my channel.

He wants to be essentially off the air by 2018. That suggests he wanted to build up his employees, his hosts, so Jones doesn’t have to do his radio show anymore. Just pulling the strings from the background and maybe reappearing for a week or two whenever something truly big happens.

We know Jones is a millionaire, and that’s totally fair. A business owner has all the risks, all the responsibility. And of course if you build up a business over 20 years, it’s fair if you end up as a millionaire. But did we expect Alex Jones to retire as a millionaire in his his 40s? Other people work their asses off too and have lots of risk, and they don’t get to retire in their 40s. Then you had his expensive and messy divorce. And then you had the Trump thing so maybe Jones cancelled his retirement plans.

But I think he should retire.

The truth movement came in waves and I think we are seeing the end of the Alex Jones era on the horizon. I have actively supported him for years until he changed. I never bought into all of the unfounded accusations, I never wanted him to be a copy of David Duke, I never thought of him as Vatican agent. I was never envious of his fame and success, I was helping his fame and success.

For the last few years I have lost trust, I don’t trust he is doing and will be doing the right thing. He is hyping the Russians, he is failing at a basic level as an analyst. He is causing chaos and problems. If things get really hot he might just flee to Russia. He even said he wants influential Russians to invite him to Russia.

It is time for the next wave.

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