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Beware the fake experts on Mind Control and occultism

When power, psychopathy and an interest in occultism come together, things get extremely dangerous. Investigations and research into these matters are difficult, dangerous and complex. Any mistake or distortion can be devastating.

Since the 1970s, a number of self-proclaimed experts have come and gone, causing more harm than anything else.

Mike Warnke sold himself successfully in Christian circles as one of the top experts on Satanism: In 1972 his book “The Satan Seller” was published in which he told how he himself had once been a Satanic high priest and then found God. He earned millions and became more and more popular until the magazine “Cornerstone” exposed him as a fraud in 1991.

John Todd claimed to have been a high-ranking Illuminati Satanist and a member of Raymond Buckland’s Druid Grand Council, a “confidant of Philippe Rothschild.” US President Jimmy Carter’s sister supposedly taught him more magic. At 18, he is said to have been an elite Green Baret fighter, although his military papers show that he had only worked in front if an army office desk for a year. A psychological examination revealed that he was emotionally unstable, a pathological liar and a drug user. We also see in him the influence of classical conspiracy literature.

A whole series of other impostors always used the same set pieces for their stories. But the various self-proclaimed whistleblowers from Satanist circles nevertheless contradicted each other in numerous essential points. You only had to read a few conspiracy books and watch some bad movies to be able to style yourself as an expert or as a former high ranking Satanist. Some of these frauds even became advisors for law enforcement and for high profile criminal cases. If you really want so see an actual satanist criminal uncovered and convicted, you need to avoid misinformation and phony experts.

On the internet today you see endless amounts of articles and videos containing old myths and disinformation.

In the 1980s there was renewed attention for the topic of satanism after Geraldo Rivera’s extremely successful television documentary “Devil Worship: Exposing Satan’s Underground”. In 1980 Michelle Smith and her psychiatrist and later husband Lawrence Pazder published the book “Michelle Remembers”. Under hypnosis she supposedly remembered satanic ritual abuse in her childhood. The book caused a great stir, even if the claims contained in it could not be verified. Reporters searched extensively for tangible evidence, possible witnesses and files, but found only things that refuted Michelle Smith’s accounts or cast doubt on them. Lawrence Pazder nevertheless found a long time recognition as an expert on ritual abuse. Many very similar books appeared, such as “Satan’s Underground” in 1988, whose descriptions were exposed as false by the Christian magazine Cornerstone. The true identity of the author Laurel Rose Willson was revealed as well as her psychological problems and various fabrications.

An astonishingly high number of people in the USA and elsewhere in the world increasingly spoke of having been victims of ritual abuse in their childhood. Again and again these were people with a dissociative personality disorder. Such a disorder arises from serious abuse in early childhood and can take extreme forms, such as the split into multiple personalities. It is very likely that such people were exposed to extreme abuse as children, but their “memories” of what they experienced can be greatly falsified by things they have seen in films or read in books. Hypnosis in particular can then produce a wide variety of fantasies. Neither the therapists, nor law enforcement and criminology had a coherent concept of how to deal with the statements of such people and what to think of the phenomenon of ritual abuse as a whole. There were also documentaries on television about possible ritual satanic abuse by sects. German television reporters interviewed women with dissociative identity disorder who claimed to have previously been involved in a satanic sect and victim of abuse. The stories sounded like a cliché, with black masses, blood sacrifices and even the ritual killing of babies. The police investigators could not confirm the accusations and also explained that criminological research on the subject is extremely poorly positioned because in Germany an occult ritual background to a crime is not statistically recorded at all. Ritual rape would therefore be treated like any other rape and for this reason there is not even a detailed database of “satanic” crimes. Officers and prosecutors naturally find it difficult to use testimonies from people who suffer from a dissociative disorder, see themselves as a collection of different personalities and always jump back and forth between these individual personality fragments. For dangerous criminals it would theoretically be feasible to drug children, to take them to secret meeting places with conspiratorial methods and to confuse them with various tricks, so that the victims are never able to make credible, usable statements. At the same time, individuals with dissociative disorder can of course invent wild assertions and orient themselves on what they have seen on television or picked up on the Internet. The role of the therapists is critically examined in the TV reports, because they could unintentionally feed their patients’ fantasies.

In dissociative amnesia, sufferers can inadvertently mix real memories with false ones and are no longer necessarily able to tell what is true and what is not. Dissociation can be caused by trauma, but also temporarily by certain chemicals.

Dissociative identity disorder is the most severe form of dissociation and brain abnormalities can actually be detected in affected adults during brain scans. It is estimated that up to 3% of the population is affected to varying degrees by dissociative identity disorders. In severe cases, a change in brain activity can indeed be detected when the person switches back and forth between their individual fragmented personalities.

It is inconceivable that all or most people with a severe dissociative personality disorder were victims of highly organized satanic groups and then somehow escaped. So when a person with severe dissociative identity disorder speaks of ritual satanism and human sacrifice, this case must be investigated neutrally, soberly and professionally. One must not exclude from the outset that the person might actually have experienced something like this, but one must at the same time consider the possibility that the person has mixed their memories with things they have picked up on television or on the Internet. The study “Occult Crime: A Law Enforcement Primer” is a good summary of the subject matter and sheds light fairly on both sides of the debate with references to much scientific literature. There is also a guide for investigators on what to pay particular attention to when there is an urgent suspicion of a ritual/ocult aspect to a crime.

The false claims about MK MONARCH

Classic conspiracy media repeatedly refers to MK MONARCH, an alleged secret project of the CIA, which is supposed to cause a dissociative personality disorder in children through serious abuse and programs these children according to a certain, somehow satanic pattern in order to later work as sex slaves or assassins. MK MONARCH is claimed to be a sub-project of CIA research on mind control.

The facts show that for decades the CIA, under various project names such as BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE and MKULTRA, researched all kinds of dirty tricks, experimented with drugs and even created “trained killers” by brainwashing, but there are no reliable findings on an MK-MONARCH programme in which children develop dissociative personality disorders through torture and in which the various split personality fragments are programmed according to a certain pattern.

Virtually all information about MONARCH comes from highly questionable authors of classical conspiracy literature, who refer to secret sources, alleged Illuminati sources and the statements of people with dissociative identity disorders.

For a long time, the author Fritz Springmeier was regarded in the conspiracy scene as an authority figure and had a lasting influence on the audience’s ideas about satanic brainwashing. In his book “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” he wrote about 13 families who supposedly rule the world and are involved in satanic activities. He provided no evidence for Satanism or for why these specific families run the world, but spoke only of anonymous insider sources. Springmeier is now discredited and his popularity has bottomed out, but his books on MONARCH still indirectly influence the conspiracy theorist scene. His co-author was Cisco Wheeler, who according to her own statements was both a victim of brainwashing and a brainwasher of the Illuminati without providing any evidence. The two also referred to the stories of Cathy O’Brien, who has never produced convincing physical evidence for her fancy stories. The highly influential TV actress and presenter Roseanne Barr gave the opening speech at the conference “Out of the Darkness and into the Light” in Los Angeles in 2009, where Cathy O’Brien and other alleged victims of MONARCH and MKULTRA gave speeches.

The book “The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave” by Springmeier and Wheeler is considered the standard work of conspiracy literature on the subject and the ideas contained in it were endlessly copied and spun off by other authors. The authors begin with the warning that reading the book is dangerous for people who have been brainwashed themselves. Countless videos on the subject on the Internet begin with a warning that sounds as dramatic as “CAUTION! THIS VIDEO CAN TRIGGER VICTIMS OF MIND CONTROL!”

According to the Springmeier book, Josef Mengele, the crazy Nazi scientist, had successfully experimented with programming, had been absorbed in Kabbalistic magic and would later have been raised to the rank of “Grand Master of the Illuminati”. Proof? Zero. According to Springmeier, the American military special unit Delta Force consisted almost entirely of “monarch slaves”, i.e. victims of torture programming. In reality, the “1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta (Airborne)” is simply an anti-terrorist unit, like there are many of worldwide. Such military units require stable men, not dissociative mental patients. In the scene of conspiracy theorists such unproven fairy tales were diligently spun on. Alleged monarch victims claim that they themselves were in some elite units and were involved in super-important operations, met presidents and generals etc.

Springmeier and Wheeler name a number of complicated-sounding technical terms to simulate competence, and then claim that the victims of programming in turn have their children programmed and then have them program their children again, and so on. Springmeier and Wheeler provide no evidence for their many concrete claims. Instead, they sprinkle their tales with some old, publicly known information about MK ULTRA.

Cisco Wheeler, whose real name is unknown, tells the lofty story that as a sex slave she served some of the most prominent politicians and aristocrats. There are a number of similar women with almost identical claims and it is typically said that it was only through hypnosis and other techniques and the help of therapists that they were able to remember the terrible past in the first place. These therapists or self-proclaimed experts for “Deprogramming of Victims of Mind Control” usually accompany the alleged female victims at public appearances and interviews, contribute to their books and in some cases even marry them. There is a danger that questionable men will find unstable women and use such fantasies to control these women and earn money with them.

Cisco Wheeler kept herself largely out of the public eye. Her father’s uncle is said to have been General Earl Grant Wheeler, a descendant of Ulysses Grant, the former US president, but this cannot be true. At the age of 40 she is said to have been diagnosed with a dissociative identity disorder, and with the “help” of Springmeier she had only begun to remember her past as a mind control slave of the Illuminati.

Perhaps types like Springmeier had unintentionally fed fantasy ideas in unstable women with dissociative disorder. Types such as Springmeier may have been looking for the highest possible book sales and attention. In the worst case scenario, some women were purposefully suggested fantasies by unscrupulous fraudsters. That would be the greatest possible irony: Alleged therapists for victims of brainwashing do brainwashing themselves.

Conspiracy theorists today believe that pop stars and various politicians are brainwashed slaves programmed with satanic torture by MONARCH and the Illuminati in their childhood. These people could be activated with secret code phrases and directed like robots. As “evidence” videos are used, on which for example a tired, absent-looking Bill Clinton can be seen, or a confused Britney Spears, when she had psychological problems and took various tablets.

Every psychological collapse of a pop star is interpreted on the Internet as an indication or proof of satanic brainwashing; with every death of a celebrity it is claimed that he or she was murdered by the Satanists.

MONARCH theories can be interwoven with any other theories. For example, it is now believed that US President Donald Trump has a secret plan to arrest the members of the Satanic Illuminati. Trump’s opponents, especially from the Democratic Party camp, are satanist paedophiles who also run the MONARCH programme. While Trump of course is the beaming hero of all that is good. Only a fraction of conspiracy theorists are interested in Trump having fun at sex parties with young models during the old days and having contacts with the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

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