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Agent Q is the cheapest propaganda to maintain the belief Trump is against the elite


How do you subvert people who are interested in conspiracies? You feed them bogus theories they want to hear.

We don’t know how many voters Alex Jones’ Infowars had mobilized for Trump when they jumped on the bandwagon but it wasn’t simply about the votes, but rather to put the sizeable Infowars audience under a spell. Jones cultivated the myth that Trump was leading some great battle against the elites of the country and could only refer to Trump’s tweets or speeches, i.e. nothing but a lot of talk and promises, a gut feeling and unnamed sources. None of this was ever convincing, given the fact that Trump spent his entire life just grabbing money and seeking attention for his brand.

Enter “Agent Q”

Under the aliases “Agent Q” and “Q Anon” a person or group of people publishes cryptic texts on a notorious internet forum for black humor. Q Anon claims to be an insider of the US government and to divulge secret knowledge about President Donald Trump and his alleged plans to arrest members of the “Deep State”. So far, no real secret, exclusive information has been revealed by Q Anon. It is either a hoax just for fun, or a Trump supporter playing dirty tricks or maybe even someone from the Trump administration to keep certain voters hopeful. Conspiracy media unfortunately has been full of people falsely claiming to have secret knowledge (Springmeier, Coleman etc.)

Q’s posts are cryptically written and usually formulated as questions to hide the fact that they contain no substance. Following the pattern of myths and legends, the theories are collectively spun on by other people. The posts on 4Chan by mysterious insider Q are written in the typical faker style and could have been written by anyone with a rough idea of what’s going on and how the conspiracy media thinks. Hopes are raised that redemption and the final victory are near, although Trump as president is just a puppet. It’s no different than when leftists got their hopes up with Obama.

There were fictitious reports months ago that Trump and others in the authorities were about to arrest a number of powerful people for organized child abuse. Various variations of these fantasies specifically related to the Clintons and John Podesta. The fact that Trump himself is the subject of all sorts of accusations of harassment of women is deliberately ignored or explained away.

Why would an insider even announce an alleged action on a fun forum beforehand? Why risk the surprise effect? According to a modified conspiracy theory, powerful people have already been partially detained and now have to walk around with electronic shackles.

If nothing happens in the matter of “Q” or something completely contradictory, then new explanations and fantasies are spun together. It will be claimed that the deep state managed to intervene, we’ll have to wait for Trump’s second turn or maybe much longer.

A collection of posts from the fun forum 4Chan was published as “Book of Q”. Some vague predictions have been made about things. Otherwise, the “book” contains cryptic nonsense and the mention of old-fashioned conspiracy themes. Much of it is written as questions. You want to jump through the hoops of a silly prankster or propagandist?

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