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Why is Trump sending a Bush-ite and possible Skull&Bones member to the Supreme Court?

US President Donald Trump can now send a second new judge to the Supreme Court during his term of office; a unique opportunity and unique danger. The nominee is Brett Kavanaugh, a confidant of former President George W. Bush and likely member of the secret society Skull&Bones.

Kavanaugh received his B.A. from Yale University in 1987 and his doctorate from Yale Law School three years later. His close ties with George W. Bush strongly suggest that he had joined Skull&Bones. The Bushs have been members for generations and the organisation specifically promotes the careers of the 15 new recruits per year.

Kavanaugh served as Staff Secretary in President Bush’s Executive Office after recounting the controversial Florida presidential election results in 2000. There was widespread electoral fraud and very suspicious events around Bush. Along with Kavanaugh, the Bush campaign for the recount recruited the former Secretary of State under President Bush Sr., James Baker, and the advisor Roger Stone.

Kavanaugh’s job under President Bush also included the selection of distinguished judges for major courts in the United States. When he was a prosecutor, he was accused of irregularities and intimidation of witnesses in the suspected suicide of Clinton consultant Vince Foster. Vincent Foster was Bill Clinton’s attorney and White House counsel. He is said to have killed himself in 1993 in a park near Washington. He is said to have made a phone call to Hillary just before he died. Congress wanted information from him about documents that Hillary wouldn’t hand over. A recent report speaks of a second gunshot wound to the neck.

Right at the beginning of his term of office, Donald Trump was able to nominate Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, another insider. A “secret team” that for decades has controlled conservative politics in the USA from the shadows, worked through the Heritage Foundation to provide Trump with his transition team, his Supreme Court candidates and once even promoted the questionable career of Anne Gorsuch, mother of Neil Gorsuch.

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