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Alex Jones accuses Joe Rogan of mind control conspiracy

Narcissist Alex Jones is in ragemode beacause Joe Rogan is no longer interested in him and voiced (fair) criticism. Out of thin air, stringing together some unrelated bits, Jones constructs a conspiracy theory abot Rogan being involved in some nefarious mind control program. Evidence? None. Infowars’ own brand of Justice Warriors  are expected to engange in an outrage campaign to punish Rogan.

Rogan distanced himself from Jones a while ago. It came out in court that AJ is narcissistic and we see the typical behavior to classify people as either useful or damaging in a very simplistic manner. Either overvaluing and hyping people when they are useful and then, when someone isn’t useful anymore, you see a lot of hatred and extreme sensitivity to criticism.

Rogan noticed Jones many years ago and they met a few times and got along. Back when Infowars was a lot more legit, didn’t play the left vs. right game, didn’t support Russia, and didn’t put out terrible work. Back in the old days when people like me discovered Infowars and saw something that was hardcore and largely fact based.

Many different people became disappointed with Jones over the years. Former employees are angry with Jones, a former editor, his ex wife has horrific stories to tell, other media people he worked with in the past are done with him.

Joe Rogan is known for being blunt and honest with people around him. Famous example is Brendan Schaub who wanted to continue his fighting career while Rogan gave him a reality check and some good advice that actually paid off. Rogan regularly clashes with another regular guest who is deep into conspiracy culture. Rogan is simply disappointed in current conspiracy culture and wants something better. He is still interested in secrets, but he has a huge issue with the unscientific nature of conspiracy media. Now Jones is freaking out, accusing Rogan of a Hollywood CIA mind control agenda.

AJ is constructing a conspiracy theory out of thin air, stringing bits of innuendo and historical bits together.


  • “Rogan hooks up with shady professors.” Clarification? None. It’s also a double standard: AJ works with Dr Steve Pieczenik who is an expert in psychological warfare and was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker. AJ hooked up with alexander Dugin who is an occultist and radical connected to the Russian regime. So when Alex Jones thinks somebody is useful to him, he looks the other way. But he will accuse others of talking to questionable people.
  • “Rogan uses George Soros talking points.” This is partially about the childhood of Soros. It’s complicated but Infowars and others make these blunt simple claims that Soros was an active willing nazi collaborator. It’s complicated and many don’t buy into the interpretation of Jones. Criticising Jones and disagreeing does not make you a Soros collaborator and co-conspirator. And the more fanatical Jones appears, the more credible Soros looks on the surface.
  • Some “CIA operation in Austin.” Jones does not clarify. Meaningless.
  • Jones says he feels like a cop who does not want to go into a house with dead people in there. “Dead bodies are buried.” No clarification. No evidence.
  • The “origin of UFC money.” This probably refers to the Fertitta family. That background is not secret information. There is no difference to boxing. Or Hollywood in general. Rogan is not Dana White. Rogan did commentary for the UFC mainly. AJ uses a double standard again: When a Hollywood person or music industry person is useful to him, Jones will use that person. Even though the entertainment industry has tons of dirty money in it. Remember the insane collaboration between Jones and Charlie Sheen who made millions off of Hollywood? How was that okay? There are tons of facts concerning Donald Trumps past in the construction business and the casino business. But currently Jones thinks he benefits from Trump so Jones looks the other way. When it comes to Joe Rogan now, Jones plays up the issue with the Fertitta family and the UFC.
  • “Rogan is shark-like.” Not fact. Name calling.
  • “Rogan has been brought into a program to promote drugs like DMT.” Involvement in some dark conspiracy? Wher are the specifics? Now if Rogan talks with “left” professors who are experts in a field that can yield interesting info, there are also risks involved. Rogan can’t know what a professor is secretly involved with.  Jones used to feature Jesse Ventura who had some sympathy for some positions usually regarded as left. AJ used to have leftwing guests on years ago under the Bush admin. Played clips from John Stewart etc.
  • “Rogan does not contact me back.” Well, Rogan has nothing to gain from this. The manipulative way Jones argues and screams is a recipe for disaster. Youtube might complain if Jones defends his Sandy Hook nonsense on Rogans show. Jones had a public meltdown before about Rogan. So why is Rogan bad if he loses interest in Jones? Who wants to see Jones twist and turn again, claiming everybody is putting words in his mouth and misrepresenting what he said?
  • Insinuation that Rogan might be part of some CIA Soros university deep state program to manipulate culture. No facts. Usual AJ style. Jones covers his ass, so he can always claim later that he didn’t make an explicit accusation, no statement of fact, just speculation. It’s entertainment, he’s just a performance artist and so on.
  • General threats that more can be revealed. Super duper heavy stuff. Just bragging. No facts, no clarification.
  • “Rogan flips his opinions.” Well, he puts himself into other peoples places. Agrees with people to a certain point. Letting them talk. Jones flipped so bad on so many topics: The Russians, Trump, internment camps, the left-right-paradigm. Jones had leftist guests on in the past and partially agreed.
  • More insinuation that Rogan might be a manipulator for the government, the CIA, the deep state. No facts.
  • “Some people will be pooping their pants tonight.” Pure narcissistic empty fantasy bravado.
  • The CIA insinuation against Rogan is particularly unfair, because Jones bragged about CIA family members who were supposedly comparable to colonel Oliver North. Jones pushes FOX News and Republican candidates which might overlap with the CIA sometimes. Jones interviews a guy who is considered a leading Iran dissident, praises some Iranian movement and warmed up to a physical conflict as long as it has the Trump seal of approval. Jones likes internment camps now. Jones has aligned himself with Roger Stone, Steve Piecenik. So why is he trashing Rogan? Jones bragged about a video call with important Russians and that Putin supposedly listens to  the AJ show. A politician called for a closer look at AJ for the massive Russian propaganda on Infowars. Lots of Russian talking points, lots of Russian media stories posted there. Jones freaked out at the politician and threatened to beat him. So Jones wants to make all kinds of accusations and insinuations without facts, but when he is the target, he has a meltdown, a tantrum.
  • Jones’ secret sources claim this and that. No facts.
  • Jones and his guest insult Rogan for not being taller. They show photoshop images of a midget with Rogans head and talk about a Napoleon complex. First of all, that has nothing to do with anything and is petty. Secondly I’ve seen Jones in Person once in Britain and he does not seem tall at all and we know he is overweight. Putin is not tall but Jones does not show photoshopped images of a midget with Putin’s head on.

Everything Jones put forward is empty. Void of facts. Different sneaky debate tactics, false arguments, double standards. Joines is a narcissist who feels betrayed by Rogan because Rogan criticized him and didn’t give him further attention. It is useless to talk to a narcissist. Jones uses manipulative arguments all the time.

The guest I want to see on Rogans podcast is Alex Jones’ ex-wife. That would be a riot.

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