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Fake Brexit: “Founding fathers of EU” were assets of the monarchs and the CIA

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently received permission from his relative, Queen Elizabeth, via the Privy Council, to send parliament on forced leave to carry out a “no deal” brexit if necessary.

The cruel joke is: The royal families also control the EU.

The “founding fathers of the EU” are nothing but assets of the old established order :

  • Konrad Adenauer (German chancellor heavily supported by the American occupiers and probably also the CIA)
  • Joseph Bech of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (ruled by the noble line Oranien-Nassau, which had brought the Hanoverian Guelphs to the British throne).
  • Johan Beyen, who worked for the Central Bank of the Dutch East Indies, a colony of the Dutch nobility, as well as for the Dutch AMRO Bank. He joined Unilever as a financial advisor to the Dutch exile government in London. He is a Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion and Grand Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau.
  • Winston Churchill, from the old-established family (Marlborough/Churchill) that has served the Guelph nobility for generations.
  • Alcide De Gasperi (whose party in Italy was secretly supported with money from the CIA)
  • Walter Hallstein, who made his career with the CDU party, which had been set up by the CIA.
  • Sicco Mansholt, Dutch politician, awarded with the orders “Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Orange-Nassau”, “Grand Cross of the Order of the Crown” (Belgium), Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Netherlands Lion
  • Jean Monnet, appointed Deputy Secretary General of the League of Nations by the noble British Earl Athur Balfour (member of the British Privy Council). He had business connections with the Wallenbergs (see Bilderberg), John Foster Dulles (CIA) and the Rockefeller family.
  • Robert Schumann from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (dominated by the noble line Oranien-Nassau, or Nassau-Weilburg), who made a political career in post-war France, co-founded NATO and led the European Movement, which was paid for by the CIA.
  • Paul-Henri Spaak (later NATO chief and decorated with high royal orders of Belgium)
  • Altiero Spinelli from Italy, a communist. Communism goes back to the British Fabian Society, the British secret service and the secret service of the Russian tsars (who were the same family as the British royal house).

British Queen Victoria and Prince Albert wanted to strategically marry their children and grandchildren in Europe to dominate the entire continent. The Italian revolutionary leader Giuseppe Mazzini, who had the Guelph nobility behind him and used secret societies modelled on the Freemasons, already demanded a European Federation in 1843. In 1867 Giuseppe Garibaldi, who was very similar to Mazzini, at a conference demanded the “United States of Europe” together with John Stuart Mill, who worked as colonial administrator for the British Empire in the British East India Company. Winston Churchill, whose family (also called Marlborough) had worked for generations for the Welfen nobility, also promoted the idea of the United States of Europe.

The American secret service CIA originated from the secret society Skull&Bones, which in turn goes back to the British Empire. The secret service agents William Donovan, Walter Bedell Smith and Allen Dulles created the “private” front organization “American Committee on United Europe”, which transferred money from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation to the European Movement, the European Youth Campaign, the Council of Europe, the European Coal and Steel Community and so on. The Rockefellers are passionately attached to the British aristocracy and even bought furniture from King George III which was treated like sacred relics. Ford’s history is closely linked to the Welfen networks.

The College of Europe was headed by Churchill, Salvador de Madariaga (from Oxford, where all the spies came from), Paul-Henri Spaak (later NATO chief and decorated with high royal orders of Belgium) and Alcide De Gasperi (whose party in Italy was secretly promoted with money from the CIA).

Boris against Ursula

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is descended from an illegitimate child from the highest circles: Boris Johnson is related to Queen Elisabeth and Prince Charles through his great-great-great-great-grandparents Adelheid Pauline Karoline von Rottenburg (1805-1872), illegitimate daughter of Prince Paul of Württemberg, and Karl Maximilian Freiherr von Pfeffel (1811-1890).

Paul von Württemberg’s mother was Auguste Karoline von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel, whose mother was Augusta von Hannover, a niece of King George III and also related to Saxony-Gotha-Altenburg. Hanover is the origin of the modern British Welfen royal house and ruled up to and including Queen Victoria. After that the line Saxony-Coburg and Gotha took over.

Boris Johnson passed through the elite cadre forges of Eton and Oxford University. In Oxford Johnson was a member of the elite Bullingdon Club, as were other later top politicians, economic moguls such as Nathaniel Philip Rothschild and even King Edward VII.

Boris Johnson should actually be called Kemal, because he has also Turkish roots. His great-grandfather Ali Kemal was the interior minister of the Ottoman Empire for a short time in 1919 and was murdered in 1922 at the instigation of Nureddin Pasha. Johnson’s grandfather Osman Ali then fled to London and took the name “Wilfred Johnson”.

Ali Kemal participated in the revolution against the Ottoman Empire and its Sultan Abdülhamit II, and it is clear that British espionage was heavily involved in the revolution. In Paris, Kemal made acquaintance with the Young Turks, who had been established by the British services in the form of Masonic lodges.

He was later regarded as an opponent of Atatürk and was murdered on the orders of Nureddin Pasha, two years before the Caliphate was completely destroyed.

Boris Johnson’s direct opponent in Brexit is the new EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. The Albrecht family (her birth name) belongs to the so-called “Pretty Families of the Electorate of Hanover”, a kind of upscale bourgeois which served the Guelph nobility in various functions. Important British kings came from the Electorate of Hanover.

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