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GOP vote fraud 2016 was 100 times bigger than Ukrainegate and Russiagate, Dems did nothing

The systematic election fraud of the Republicans in 2016 with Donald Trump was a 100 times bigger scandal than Russiagate or the current Ukraine blackmail attempt. The Democrats, however, hardly responded at all to the election fraud, although the matter was very easy to prove. This shows how fake the American political system is at the top.

Not only could the Democrats have immediately challenged Trump’s election and got rid of him in 2016, they would also have dramatically enhanced their own profile by uncovering the scandal. Hillary would have subsequently become the grinning president and countless representatives of the Republicans would have ended up in court for organized corruption, electoral fraud and a number of other serious crimes.

Instead, the Democrats did nothing. Instead, the Democrats struggled with the opaque Russigate case, in which Hillary herself doesn’t look good because of her own dealings with Russia during the Obama years.

Greg Palast, who had already exposed the systematic electoral fraud in favor of George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004, immediately noted that the Republicans were using the same tricks in favor of Trump in 2016:

The methods were:

  • To invalidate legitimate ballot papers, especially from African Americans and Latinos
  • To wipe as many Democrats’ voters as possible from the electoral rolls unlawfully

Under the pretext of preventing Democrat voters from double voting, Republican Kris Kobach designed the “Crosscheck” system, which on average removed about 300 legitimate voters from the lists for each person who “possibly” wanted to vote twice.

With George W. Bush, two elections were stolen by the Republicans, but bizarrely little protest and no legal consequences came from the Democrats.

In 2016, the Democrats should have done all they could after the Republicans’ election fraud with Donald Trump, but once again, almost nothing happened. Why? Because the political system in the USA is completely fake at the top. The establishment decides that Democrats and Republicans take turns in the White House and parliaments on a regular basis and that citizens are kept busy rooting for their preferred party. The establishment does not care how the voters actually vote.

Palace explains:

“The nasty little secret of the US elections is that we don’t count all the votes. In Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania and all of America [2016] there was a large number of votes that were simply rejected and invalidated. They were simply not counted. Officially, in a typical presidential election, at least three million votes are rejected, often for weak, absurd reasons.”

“Hillary Clinton won only one Swing State, Virginia, the only one where the vote count was controlled by Democrats. She lost all the Swing States – Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, North Carolina and Florida – where the Republicans set the rules for counting these ballots and their lackeys acted as judges and juries on whether a ballot should be counted.”

Palast smells that both the Democrats and Republicans are controlled by the same Deep State. During the Bush administration, Palast was a regular guest on the Alex Jones show, then the leading conspiracy show. But once Alex Jones jumped on the Trump train, Palast was no longer a guest.

The Democrats could have easily made Hillary president in 2016 and shaken the Republicans to their foundations. Instead, the Democrats were only allowed to use the opaque maze called Russiagate, where hardly anything tangible came out and where the Democrats don’t look good either because of Hillary’s Russia deals and Russia policy, among other things.

As early as 1971, Gary Allen’s best-selling book “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”, published in millions of copies, saw through the left-right game in American politics with which voters are cheated.

“The Insiders” became one of the most important foundations of conspiracy research, but apparently almost everyone has forgotten it. The clever strategy in Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign was to tell the conspiracy-interested voter segment what it wanted to hear: Draining the swamp, putting the crooked Clintons in prison, depriving the Federal Reserve of power, investigating the Saudis for 9/11 and much more. Of course, all these promises have now been broken, but the current scandal with Ukraine is once again being used to trick the Trump electorate into thinking that Trump is heroically fighting the conspiracies of the left Democrats.

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