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Creepy Dershowitz makes the case for forced vaccinations (and torture)

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Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz, a Trump confidant accused by an alleged Epstein victim, claimed in an interview that the government has the constitutional right under the 10th Amendment to forcibly vaccinate a citizen to stem the spread of an infectious disease.

“Let me make it very clear: you have no constitutional right to endanger the public and spread the disease, even if you disagree. You have no right not to be vaccinated, you have no right not to wear a mask, you have no right to open your shop”,

he said. The interviewer, Jason Goodman, interjected and asked if the famous constitutional expert meant to say that if the government decides “we have to get vaccinated, we really have to get vaccinated”.

“Absolutely,” Dershowitz replied.

“And if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor’s office and stick a needle in your arm.”

If you have a virus with a 5% kill rate or above, he is correct. If it is 1% or lower, things are far more complicated.

The scandal

Jeffrey Epstein’s former attorney, Alan Dershowitz, has called on Prince Andrew to publicly defend himself against accusations of sexual abuse. Epstein’s alleged “sex slave” Virginia Roberts has accused both Dershowitz and the Duke of York of having sex with her by force.

The high-profile U.S. attorney has publicly and aggressively defended himself, accusing Miss Roberts of being a liar, and he believes that the Duke of York should categorically assert his innocence. So far Prince Andrew’s response to the accusations has been indirect through press statements from Buckingham Palace. Dershowitz added that he had met dozens of times with Ghislaine Maxwell, who is said to have procured young girls for Epstein and whose father most likely worked for the Mossad.

The Net

Dershowitz attended Yale Law School, where he was editor-in-chief of the Yale Law Journal and graduated first in his class with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) in 1962. Yale had been associated with the British Empire (see also the family of Prince Andrew) and secret societies such as Skull&Bones, from which the bureaucratic secret services OSS and CIA emerged. For a long time Jews, African Americans and women were excluded from the Yale secret societies, but this has long since changed. There is even a mainly Jewish connection with Shabtai since 1996. This background is significant in the context of Dershowitz because he is so close to Jeffrey Epstein, who was wrapped up in the nexus of CIA people, Mossad agents and a mafia that used sex traps to blackmail politicians and other officials:

U.S. Attorney General William Barr now also believes in the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein; Barr in the past thwarted the Congressional investigative committees of Pike and Church, which from 1975 on, ran the CIA’s operations. These included the CIA’s love/sex traps against foreign diplomats and others with hidden recording devices. Barr later became President Bush Senior’s Attorney General, the same position he holds now under Trump. In addition, Barr’s father Donald worked for the forerunner of the CIA, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), and recruited a young Jeffrey Epstein, then a high school dropout, to teach at the elite Dalton School, from which Epstein was later dismissed. A year before Epstein was recruited, Donald Barr published a science fiction fantasy novel about sex slavery. Remarkably, Donald Barr hired Epstein the same year that his son was working for the CIA. William Barr refused to withdraw from the Epstein case, even though these connections existed and he worked for the same law firm that represented Epstein in the past.

Dershowitz is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the neo-conservative Gatestone Institute, which a few years ago was led by hardliner John Bolton, now National Security Advisor for Trump. The founder and president of Gatestone is Nina Rosenwald, whose family also makes generous donations to media figures from the so-called “new right”.


Dershowitz became famous for his criminal trials with celebrities like OJ Simpson, Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein’s legal department investigated some of his accusers and provided both the police and prosecutors with a dossier of information about the plaintiffs’ behavior obtained from their personal MySpace pages, including allegations of alcohol and drug use. Epstein eventually pleaded guilty to a single state prostitution charge in 2008 and began serving an 18-month prison sentence.

On December 30, 2014, a motion filed in a Florida court by attorneys Bradley J. Edwards and Paul G. Cassell claimed that Alan Dershowitz was one of several prominent figures, including Prince Andrew, who participated in sexual activities, with one minor later identified as Virginia Roberts, who was allegedly held as a sex slave by financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Dershowitz vehemently denied the allegations and filed a motion to ban the lawyers who filed the lawsuit. The two parties reached a settlement in 2016 for an undisclosed financial amount.

In April 2019, Virginia Giuffre (formerly Roberts) filed a libel suit against Dershowitz, alleging that he had made “false and malicious libelous statements” against her, such as accusing her of perjury. Dershowitz responded:

“I will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she is lying about me. She will go to jail.”

Torture by court order

Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, Dershowitz published an article in the San Francisco Chronicle entitled “Do you want to torture? Get a court order” in which he advocated the torture of terrorism suspects when there is an “absolute necessity to obtain immediate information in order to save lives.”

Trump’s almost-lawyer

Dershowitz met Trump in Mar-a-Lago and had dinner with him at the White House the day after the FBI raid in Michael Cohen’s office. He regularly appears on television, most notably at Fox News, where he is a trusted voice on the president’s side against the Russiagate investigation. In April, Dershowitz appeared nine times on the program “Hannity”.

Dershowitz emphasizes again and again that he is not Trump’s lawyer. He does not offer legal advice to the President, and he would not have conversations under the guise of attorney-client privilege. But his public statements, which have been circulated everywhere from Fox News to the Village Underground, sound like legal advice.

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