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Intel agencies warned early about COVID, politicians did very little

The British government was told by its secret services from the outset that China had been hiding the true extent of the pandemic, as sources claim. A senior former MI6 official said ministers had been informed that “any claims made by Beijing should not be believed”.

Britain’s intelligence services knew from the outset what “really happened” and had “fully briefed” London, the Daily Telegraph said.

An unnamed Ml6 source told the newspaper:

The idea that Britain has taken Chinese figures at face value is frankly ridiculous. If the Chinese are lying, the role of intelligence is to know what the real numbers might be when they are hidden. We did not believe the numbers that came from China. The [British] government would have been fully aware of the true extent of the virus in China at that time.

It is likely that Boris Johnson received intelligence information about the corona virus outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei, before ordering the closure. However, the Prime Minister is already being accused of not having treated the virus as a sufficient public health threat in the months leading up to 23 March. A Sunday Times investigation in April reported that Mr Johnson had not chaired five cobra meetings regarding the outbreak in early 2020.

If the new allegations are true, it would mean that Mr Johnson was sitting on his hands despite early warnings from British intelligence.

International pressure on the Chinese regime is growing after an intelligence dossier accusing Beijing of lying came to light. The dossier, which has been circulated between Western governments including Britain, cites evidence that the virus was transmitted to humans via a laboratory in Wuhan. It also claims that China has been pursuing informants as part of the cover-up and has obstructed other countries’ efforts to develop a vaccine.

The classified document of the five-eye security alliance of the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand risks destroying the fragile consensus that existed between nations to avoid direct accusations against the Chinese government over the pandemic.

The dossier, which has been leaked to the Australian Saturday Telegraph, contains damning criticism of the alleged cover-up and persecution by the Chinese since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The Americans were also probably warned very early

The Pentagon recently declared that an ABC News report was incorrect, stating that a US military intelligence unit had already produced a report on the coronavirus in China in November.

The exclusive ABC News report, released on Wednesday morning, said the National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI) had already warned the military and the White House of the spread of the virus in China in late November:

Already in late November, US intelligence officials warned that an infection was sweeping through China’s Wuhan region, changing patterns of behavior and business and posing a threat to the population, according to four sources who were informed by the secret report.

The ABC News report said that concerns about what is now known as the coronavirus pandemic “were detailed in a November NCMI intelligence report,” according to “two officials familiar with the content of the document.

The report analyzed “intercepted data coupled with satellite imagery” and sounded the alarm because an “out-of-control disease” would pose a serious threat to US forces in Asia.

ABC News said the NCMI report had been made “widely available” to people authorized to access alerts from the intelligence community, and that after its publication, other bulletins from the intelligence community began circulating through confidential channels in the government around Thanksgiving.

German Federal Intelligence Agency

The German Federal Intelligence Service also apparently knew about it early on, without this having had any major impact for weeks.

Die WELT reported recently that in autumn 2002 China wanted to cover up the outbreak of the sars pandemic, but this was not concealed from the BND, which then informed the German authorities (including the Robert Koch Institute).

China only informed the World Health Organization (WHO) in February 2003, although the first cases of the respiratory disease are said to have occurred as early as November 2002.

Whether the BND and “friendly services” from the NATO sphere had got wind of the current coronavirus outbreak in advance remains a secret, of course; the WELT reader can of course play his part and strongly suspect that the Chinese communists had tried to cover up the matter this time as well.

The three superpowers and also the German Federal Government need a scapegoat, a guilty party for the misery that now affects the populations. In China and Russia, the US is now openly accused, without proof, of having let the virus loose.

The former secret service coordinator in the chancellor’s office, Günter Heiß, explained in an opaque fashion that secret services are naturally interested in viruses. Nevertheless, it must have always been clear that it did not need any fancy secret operations to know that sooner or later a dangerous virus could appear. Preparations for this emergency nevertheless seem to have been meagre.

Early start of Inovio

It came as some surprise that the shares of the pharmaceutical company “Inovio Pharmaceuticals” rose sharply because the US president was promised to produce 1 million vaccine doses for testing purposes against COVID 19 by the end of the year. The company has been in existence for around 40 years without having attracted much attention with marketable, approved products. Some investors suspect an empty hype, from which the company wants to profit. Big press announcements about the development of a DNA vaccine against MERS, Zika and Ebola did not materialise.

Some even consider the new venture to be dubious:

That Inovio had produced the vaccine within three hours was “ridiculous and dangerous at the same time”. The share price could fall back to USD 2. Citron is also calling on the SEC to investigate what happened at Inovio and to suspend the share from trading.

Nonetheless, Inovio’s major investors include giants such as BlackRock and Vanguard, both of which have links to influential groups such as Skull & Bones, from which the American secret services OSS and CIA emerged. That’s why some conspiracy enthusiasts on the Internet think there is a conspiracy behind the affair. Chinese and Russian media already accuse the Americans (without proof) of having released the virus as a biological weapon in order to weaken the Eastern Bloc and to bring epic profits to the pharmaceutical industry.

It is conceivable that the CIA and the NSA had learned about the virus outbreak and the Chinese cover-up attempts at a very early stage. With the tangled mass of legal regulations for threats to US national security, it would probably even be legal to promote various steps and relationships in time, such as those between BlackRock and Inovio.

BlackRock emerged from the Blackstone Group in 1988 and has holdings in important German and international companies. The determining factor for Blackstone is Stephen A. Schwarzman, a long-time friend of Donald Trump. He attended Yale University and he is a member of the extremely creepy secret society Skull & Bones, which has occupied the switchboards of power with its people for well over 100 years. Bones had been instrumental in building the Soviet Union through technology transfers and at the same time dominated the military apparatus and intelligence services of America. Interestingly, Schwarzman was a 2011 advisor in the “Russian Direct Investment Fund”, which was endowed with $10 billion by the Russian government and attracted an additional 30 billion in foreign capital. Another field of activity of Skull & Bones was traditionally China. Schwarzman’s partner in founding Blackstone was Peter George Peterson, a former colleague at the banking house “Lehman Brothers, Kuhn, Loeb Inc. In 1969, Peterson was recruited by two of America’s most dangerous men: John D. Rockefeller III and CFR Chairman John J. McCloy. Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is also a bonesman. Other important ministers made careers under the presidents Bush and Bush Sr (both Bones members).

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