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The social media handbook of COVID deniers

The COVID case is complex. But the Moscow-infected faction of self-appointed experts on conspiracies had from the outset committed itself to the hypothesis that the pandemic is a hoax. Much more plausible conspiracy hypotheses are not even considered.

Anyone who has at least basic spelling skills and can string sentences together is capable of being a COVID denier on social media. All you have to do is follow the manual and keep repeating those techniques:

  • Do not admit to a single COVID death: People only die with the virus, not from the virus. Just old people are concerned who were dying anyway.
  • Don’t admit to any excess mortality: All mortality data must be treated as fake. Any excuse will suffice
  • Only medical professionals who play down the pandemic can be accepted. Whether they’re Communist pensioners or urologists. All other physicians must be ignored or branded as corrupt and conspiratorial.
  • Only studies that estimate the death rate as low as possible should be emphasized. Other studies should be avoided.
  • Stir up panic about a corona dictatorship even though it’s implausible
  • It is imperative to keep silent about the hard lockdown in Russia. In exceptional cases, a cheap excuse can be used, such as that Putin was forced by the West to take part in the COVID swindle.
  • If possible, avoid discussing how China went to war against the virus in Wuhan.
  • Prejudge Bill Gates, even though there is no hard evidence to obtain even one lousy search warrant against him.
  • The fact that the lockdowns were also implemented in order to be prepared for a possible second pathogen and/or computer virus during COVID must be concealed.
  • No other suspects behind the pandemic must be discussed in detail. Although the list of suspects is long, this is to be ignored. All conspiracy hypotheses about COVID except the full-on hoax hypothesis are to be ignored.
  • Under no circumstances reveal that there are 10 different main scenarios how the pandemic came about.
  • You have to accuse anyone who takes COVID seriously of being stupid or malicious or of being obedient.
  • It is essential to give the impression that this kind of pseudo-discussion on the net is an effective form of resistance against “the system”.
  • Never use real books about pandemics. It is best to avoid recommending that people read real books on pandemics. If possible only use online videos.
  • Never ask the Russian Federation for statements why there is a hard lockdown in Russia.
  • NEVER acknowledge that the three superpowers have common roots, supported each other and meintained their balance of power. NEVER acknowledge that the three superpowers might theoretically be behind the pandemic or at least might react to it in a coordinated way.

These techniques can be repeated endlessly, giving the impression that you know what you are talking about and that you are having a real discussion.

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