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Why you should watch the least amount of videos possible


When I read Tom O’Neill’s book “Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties” about the CIA’s research on the human brain, behavior, and consciousness, it became clearer to me than ever before how dangerous video is and that you should expose yourself to it as little as possible. I am not freaking kidding.

You stare at a pixel light machine (monitor) that scrambles your brain with psychedelic colors and shapes, puts you in a latent dissociative state, and makes you receptive to any kind of stupid ideas someone wants to program into you.

I’m not a technophobic old guy or a schizophrenic who thinks invisible agents will steal the thoughts out of his head. I’m surrounded by computers and screens for a living. But I use computers almost exclusively for reading and writing.

The host of an old German kids program used to say to the audience at the end of his shows: “Now you should turn off the TV.” That is exactly what we should take to heart today. Expose yourself to as few videos as possible. Only watch as much as necessary. People underestimate the problematic effect of videos.

Videos are completely unnatural. People represented by colorful pixels want to convince you of stupid ideas and behavioral patterns, using quick vVideo cuts, staging and background music. Imagine a real human in front of you putting on music and droning on about some crazy ideas. You would suspect that this person is a cult leader, a secret serial killer or wants to get laid.

Almost every video is in principle unnatural brainwashing. The CIA under people like Dr. Jolyon West researched how to expose people to the drug LSD and then program them with stupid ideas. This apparently works even without LSD, because you can replace the substance to a certain degree by colorful screens with psychedelic colored pixels.

It’s the nature of our brain to read text or to talk with real people in front of us. Videos on the other hand are unnatural and always staged, edited. You don’t really have the people in front of you. You can’t see what they’re like before and after the shoot.

The lulling effect of videos is much greater than people realize, whether it’s press conferences on COVID, government videos, mass media rubbish, or “alternative” media and Russian media. I take the disease seriously, but why the heck did governments not prepare for it properly when all the warnings persisted for years.

When I watch a video, I feel the lulling effect very clearly, which is supposed to give the impression that figures like Trump, Putin, Hillary, Alex Jones or whoever are sovereign and have our best intentions in mind.

If you expose yourself to videos too much without reading books, then trust in these characters and their ideas is built up, which often aren’t really their ideas at all. I myself almost only read instead of watching videos, and therefore the lulling effect of the videos does not work on me. People who are wrapped up in videos are under a spell and can’t understand why I don’t share their ideas and feelings.

I tell these people: “Turn that garbage off. Turn off your computers and read books. You’ll feel better and make better decisions. I also often tell people: There are many more people within the ranks of your ideological opponents, and they are also in a filter bubble/echo chamber and they are as convinced and fanatical as you are. They feel as confident in their cause as you do. Your feelings tell us nothing about the quality of your ideas.

Videos are pretty much the worst thing you can do to yourselfwith a computer. Audio is much better, but there are also too many crazy people making podcasts, and it’s not natural to listen to a podcast forever when its host may be crazy and addicted to drugs.

You can read up on almost anything without the lulling effect, the pomp, the psychedelic brainwashing with the colorful pixels on a monitor. How many people in media abuse drugs on top of alcohol? To stand out you need to be on fire, on cue and you constantly have to produce. So they turn to booze, amphetamines, cocaine or even DMT. Entrepreneurs in particular quickly run the risk of abusing such substances. The CIA studied Charles Manson to see what happens when someone with narcissistic personality disorder takes psychedelic drugs like LSD (similar to DMT) as well as stimulants. Manson gave LSD to his girls (“The Family”) and programmed his quack nonsense into them.

Regular conspiracy theorists today are blasting themselves with videos about COVID. They say, “the video said….” or “according to that video…” or “the video interview shows that…”

No conspiracy theorist comes up to me and says “so in the pandemic book XYZ….” or “compared to the book XYZ….”

People are worried about 5G, but are deliberately scrambling their brains with online videos.

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