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If Hillary had won in 2016, conservatives would have abandoned the controlled Republican realm


If Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 election, conservatives would have realized that the Republican machinery is a sinking, burning, radioactive dumpster ship. If you can’t win against a coughing old woman who can’t stand straight, what’s the point of trusting the GOP any more?

The GOP vote-frauded Trump into the White House with the same methods used in 2000 and 2004 to get Bush elected and the Democrats didn’t make much fuss. Voilá, the conservative clientele that wanted change the most after 8 years of Obamas suave sideshow kept quiet again and passively waited for something positive to happen.

Conservatives felt like winners. Bigly. Rich insiders simultaneously bought the “alternative” media in the US and made sure that no real new parties and independent structures were formed. Trump alienated wide segments of young and female voters who may never vote GOP ever. Nothing about the “new, alternative right” was new or alternative.

Conservatism needed a thorough renewal but the Trump presidency swept that reality under the rug.

It is possible that by rigging the 2020 elections Trump will be allowed to climb a few percentage points to lose narrowly to Joe Biden. That way, conservative voters will get the impression that we just have to carry on as before with the Republicans and hope. The voters will then be tageted again with cheap tricks. The Mercers and Kochs may biuld up new media stars and new politicians and the conspiracy crowd will adapt the Q fantasies accordingly.

If Trump were to lose bigly to Biden, the Conservatives would lose hope in the Republican Party and the new media. Or even evolve beyond the usual prescribed ideological frameworks.

If Trump wins again due to massive Republican electoral fraud, the tenacious stranglehold of the last four years will simply continue. Nothing really positive will be happening and more and more young voters are running into the hands of the Democrats.

If Hillary had won in 2016, this could have drastically strengthened the conservative camp for 2020. Perhaps Trump will prove to be a golden opportunity for the Democrats, because the damage he has already caused may continue for another 10 or 20 years.

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