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One could easily make a “Borat” style movie about the political left

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The sequel “Borat subsequent moviefilm” makes liberals feel good and angers rightwingers. It would be easy to make a similiar movie about the left and that means both sides have serious flaws and significant similiarities.

Of course Sacha Baron Cohen tried to find radical rightwingers and bad examples of men talking about “Borats” movie daughter. Of course Cohen used tradecraft methods such as disguises and false backstories to lure in his targets like Rudy Giuliani. But the sort of incidents Cohen got on camera happen every day in America and weaken conservatives because the left mekts itself as progress for women, even though the super rich own both parties and the taxpayers are being fleeced one way or the other.

Anybody with the talent cound make his/her own Borat style movie by creating fake characters to infiltrate the left and catch targets on camera. From Antifa crazies hoping for civil war and a communist system to Democrat politicians faking their intentions to serve the average person in America.

To be fair, Cohen mentioned the Jeffrey Epstein controversy multiple times in the movie and in interviews. He just didn’t stress that Democrats had relations to Epstein as well.

The Giuliani footage is ambiguous, because Borats movie daughter was flirting with him and he was flirting back, most likely unaware that the 24-year old was playing a 15-year old character. It is legal for an adult reporter to flirt with a powerful interview subject, drink alcohol and move towards the bedroom. It just doesn’t paint Guliani in a good light because it must have been clear she is not physically attracted to him, just awed by his influence. If teh scene had continued, who knows what might have happened. Maybe not much, which would have ruined the setup for the movie. Maybe Giuliani would have indicated to the girl that he could help her career. Which is not illegal but looks bad on his part. If a simple film crew can trip him up, what could a full blown intelligence agency accomplish? which brings us back to the Epstein case: A wide network of contacts, underage girls and hidden cameras.

Even Trumps old mentor Roy Cohn was accused of running honey traps to catch communist sympathizers durng the cold war.

What the Trump fans have forgotten is Giulianis sordid history with 9/11 and cashing in on the security scare afterwards. Trumps other quasi lawyer Dershowitz has been accused by an Epstein victim and stresses his innocence.

The left emboldens the right and the right emboldens the left. These is only one upper class in America and the use the political division to their advantage. The new Borat movie has a strong feminist message and his movie daughter makes a unrealistic transition from a backwater brainwashed slave girl to modern sophisticated reporter professional in just a matter of weeks, even though her character has almost zero education. Some men in backwards dictatorial societies have prospered and could mistreat and exploit women. But most men have been exploited by the ruling classes as well, as serfs, underpaid workers and drafted soldiers. It wasn’t exactly a patriarchical wonderland for men and there won’t be a patriarchical or feminist wonderland in the future either, if people keep supporting old, outdated ideologies and parties.

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