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Dominion Voting wants to sue Sydney Powell, Trump and rightwing media

The whole turmoil at the Capitol center revolved around claims that Joe Biden and the Democrats, along with the Chinese Communist Party, rigged the US presidential election. Despite the very real and dangerous Chinese espionage program, the US election was not “stolen”. Every few years the political pendulum swings from left to right and from right to left. This is how the taxpayers are strung along so they believe their favorite party and ideology might “win” for good one day. Voting machines aren’t as bad today as they were 20 years ago, when George W. Bush became president. Veteran journalist Greg Palast at the time not only uncovered serious security flaws of voting machines, he also documented how Republicans struck African American and other likely Democrat voters off of the voter lists because they supposedly had moved away or were felons. Many hadn’t really moved and only shared the same first and last name with convicted felons.

Alex Jones from Infowars regularly had Palast on as guest but that stopped when Trump became president, surrounded by the same allegations of voters bein denied their right to vote. Some of the older protesters at the capitol may have been aware of the Bush election controvery 20 years ago. Like his father, Bush was seen as a representative of the “New World Order”, a pseudo-conservative and fake Christian who belonged to the occult secret society Skull & Bones. Now the activists believe that Trump is the opponent of the satanic conspiracy and that the Democrats stole a presidential election.

There were countless individual allegations of election rigging, mostly hearsay and rumors, that quickly dissolved into thin air under scrutiny. The main focus, however, was the accusation that the machines from Dominion Voting Systems had stolen the majority of votes and that Dominion belonged to the communist Chinese. For weeks, Trump voters were saturated with this propaganda by Trump, his lawyers and conservative media, so that a wave of hatred hit the company. Dominion has had enough. Following legal threats, Fox News has already withdrawn its reporting and issued a retraction. However, a number of lawsuits for defamation may very soon follow.

John Poulos, founder and CEO of the Colorado-based company, said his legal team is preparing a lawsuit against attorney Sidney Powell, and is considering lawsuits against Fox News, One America News Network and Newsmax, and may even bring lawsuits against President Donald Trump, he told Axios in a podcast interview.

Poulos explains what has changed in the 20 years since the George Bush fiasco:

There were many problems that arose from the 2000 elections and the lack of transparency. The end result was the creation of a non-partisan federal commission that worked to create the final standards for national electoral systems and electoral technologies. That has been updated and is constantly being updated. There are several thousand pages with very strict instructions and requirements on what an electoral system must do and produce. This process also led to the creation of third party accredited testing laboratories. Professional testing laboratories can test third party tabulation devices such as Dominion and perform a complete and comprehensive test.

Just a few days ago, Infowars published a video interview with General Flynn, where it was firmly asserted that Dominion belongs in part to the Chinese and that the machines had falsified the election. He did not quote any actual evidence, but only quoted something from memory that he had picked up in pro-Trump media about a payment of 400 million via the UBS bank, which so far cannot be tied to Dominion and possible election fraud at all. Infowars is already being sued for defamation by the parents of the children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre for making allegations that the parents were actors on behalf of the world conspiracy.

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