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Impeachment? Trump caused way more damage in Russia than in the US

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President Trump is in trouble again for allegedly demanding from the now ex-director of the FBI Comey to drop the investigation into general Michael Flynn and his ties to Russia. In the worst case scenario Trump gets impeached for obstruction of justice and replaced by a more suitable puppet. So, is Russia laughing right now? Far from it, because the Kremlin took far more damage from the entire “Russiagate”-scandal than the US government. Extreme paranoia, witch hunts and even assassinations drive Putins empire closer to the insanity of the Stalinist purges era.

A significant number of powerful Russians have been killed over the last 12 months. Some of them likely had links to this whole Russiagate fiasco. Now the typical conspiracy sites claim it was just the CIA (as usual) who killed those Russians but if that was the case, Russia would have retaliated accordingly. The CIA can’t just kill whomever they want. They have to pick their targets carefully. The agency can target powerful Syrians or Iranians, cutouts and middlemen, but it can’t just kill high ranking Russian officials without way too much backlash. It seems as if many conspiracy sites don’t know much at all about the many power struggles and witch hunts within the Russian power structure during the last 100 years. It is emotionally a lot more pleasing to believe Putin runs a clean, efficient shop.

And its not just the dead Russians, its massive rumblings: Military officers getting reassigned, people getting fired, trusted oligarchs suddenly getting investigated and targeted. Rampant paranoia. If something similiar was happening in the US, people would think the world is about to end.

So, in comparison, you have some investigations in America and maybe the puppet president Trump will be replaced by another puppet, but in Russia it is outright chaos, paranoia, and assassinations. Some names who are suspected as sources of the infamous “golden shower” Trump dossier turned up dead in Russia. Trump’s dealings with Russians included helping them to bring money to the US. The Kremlin is extremely sensitive about powerful Russians defecting to the West. The Russian oligarchs are loosing money fast due to the sanctions and isolation and corruption and none of them want to suffer the same fate of past oligarchs or live the meager life of soviet style politbureau members who didn’t own more than a car with a driver and a small house outside Moscow or St. Petersburg. Anybody who had dealings in the West is now a target of Stalin-style purges. Remember the soviet victory party congress of which 80% of the participants didn’t survive the following few years?

Who took  a lot more damage from all of this? If you think the current situation in the US seems scary, take a good hard look at what’s going on in Russia. A bit of Trump drama, maybe an impeachment seems like an affordable price to pay for all the damage that was caused in Russia. Trumps actions, especially in the past, seem like solid intelligence work to me. Trump may be a western agent or a double, primarily working for the West but pretending to work for the East. Why is neither mainstream media nor the alternative media considering these very real possibilities?

At some point the Russians will probably figure out that they have been deceived all along by Trump. By that point the Russian propaganda will attack him as a Western agent and leak a mix of facts and fake evidence to the usual “journalists” and “whistleblowers”. The alternative media is going to follow that line, as usual.

Just remember, you heard it here first. And it wasn’t even rocket science.

Trumps supporters still claim their president is the champion of the people. But if he truly was all that and if he had nothing to hide, why would he even try to talk Comey out of investigating Flynn, why would he fire Comey, why would he have worked with shady figures like Miachel Flynn, Carter Page and Paul Manafort in the first place? Trump supposedly wants to fight the deep state conspiracy and establishment. But his associates like Flynn and Manafort, who caused most of the Russiagate trouble, seem very much like typical deep state establishment actors.

Let’s forget for a moment how president George W. Bush shieldes his associates after 9/11 and some very worrying inquiries. Nobody wanted to testify under oath in a public setting. Now Trump gets attacked for putting some pressure on Comey. It’s not fair and it’s a double standard. But that still does not make Trump a good guy. We saw how he reacted after the latest Syrian chemical weapon incident. From the start he accepted fully  what his advisors and the intelligence community told him. He ordered a limited missile strike as retaliation and performed a 180 degree turn from his campaign position of getting out of Syria. So how would Trump react in case of another 9/11? He would most likely turn into something worse than Bush and he would shield powerful people against investigations. He never even went after Hillary.

There are indeed a lot of very questionable contacts with Russians, business and other dealings, even in the president’s very own Trump tower. This can’t just be dismissed. If he truly was a champion oft he people (which he is not), then why did he entangle himself with the Russians, thereby weakening his position? How did he expect to be a champion of the people when he made sure there were going to be huge scandals?

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