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Youtube was a mean psychometrics experiment and studied your mind


Remember when you had only 10 TV channels and there was nothing good on them? Remember upgrading to satellite and 200 channels and there wasn’t anything good on either? Now we have millions of channels on Youtube and there’s almost nothing good on there.

For years, the youtube miracle made it possible to just upload controversial diatribes copied verbatim from elsewhere, create a following and automatic money.┬áBut gaming the algorithm through fake views and subscribers became more and more a necessity to the point where you didn’t know anymore who was actually watching all of this.

After moving from Youtube to Bitchute, many rightwingers now have very los subscription numbers. Stefan Molyneux went from over a million to barely 61.000 and he seemed genuinely worried about his career for many months now.

Conservatives, truthers and just about anybody controversial on Bitchute are not exactly sought after, because the content is always the same and the content makers are not really inspiring people. Rich benefactors had set the guidelines and pumped millions of dollars into the market to create short-lived stars like Milo, or Jordan Peterson.

Whether Trump loses or wins the next elections, we will see the ecosystems like Bitchute solidify and the endless stream of babble without consequences continue. At some point the rich benefactors might create another high flying fad which will then collapse.

On Bitchute, your videos will appear next to Hitler glorification and other sordid bits of cult madness. The administrators have to rent infrastructure like anybody else and that may become difficult so Bitchute has to monitor and censor as well. Alex Jones started his own platform and his fans may remember a time when Youtube and Facebook didn’t matter or didn’t exist. We used filesharing apps, simple download servers and P2P-Sharing.

Youtube was a mean psychometrics experiment that studied and modified your mind.

In the past, narcissistic and dogmatic Pied Pipers and impostors needed real talent and effort to find victims and program into these silly dogmas (whether religious, political or otherwise). Today a computer with a webcam is enough. A pied piper can look around the Internet to find out what dogmas and whole dogmatic systems exist in the world. The Pied Piper picks out what is appropriate, copies the dogmas and the manipulative techniques to support these dogmas, and off they go.

Dogmas are like a drug. And the Pied Piper (like on YouTube) is the drug dealer. Dogmas give people the deceptive feeling of certainty, control, security, identity and specialness. If you get involved in typical dogmas, you move away from reality instead of attacking it, you lose control instead of gaining it, you put yourself in danger instead of becoming safer and you lose your individual identity and replace it with an artificial group identity.

For many years, Youtube in particular was a veritable junk factory, a turbocharger for all kinds of rat catchers. Every militant vegan, conspiracy theorist, communist and Nazi could wildly push and find new victims. The YouTube algorithm was designed to promote videos that would attract viewers more to the screen. Viewers were randomly suggested various videos based on their previous viewing behavior and inevitably something is there at some point that is clicked on and is somehow dogmatic. It’s similar to pornography; at first the content that is watched is rather moderate, but becomes more and more wacky over time.

Someone is interested in healthy food and the YouTube algorithm suggests more and more extreme videos until, over time, the person mutates into a militant vegan and endangers his or her health. Someone is interested in fitness and ends up with extreme bodybuilding and dangerous variants of anabolic steroids. Someone starts with leftist videos and eventually believes in Stalinism. Someone is interested in the banking system or the inconsistencies in the official presentation of 9/11 and eventually ends up with neo-Nazi ideas. The radicalization process through YouTube did not work for everyone. Some people pull the emergency brake early. Most of them are more stable people from more stable family backgrounds. Some only pull the emergency brake, similar to alcoholism, when they get serious problems in their lives because of the dogmatic bullshit: Partners and relatives turn away, problems at work or school, increasing loneliness, problems with the law, depression and so on. Some (like alcoholics) never manage to pull the emergency brake clearly and sustainably. In their search for confirmation, they receive one rejection and defeat after another. But they react in the same way as it was programmed into them: with narcissistic defense of dogmas, with verbal violence. It’s like an alcoholic who longs for relaxation and euphoria and for this purpose drinks more and more and tries to cure the resulting stress and depression with even more alcohol.

It is reminiscent of the Native Americans who had no experience with alcohol and who were given alcohol by the colonial powers from Europe; sometimes even free of charge. Alcohol devastated and eroded Native American civilizations. Some effects of alcohol resemble the effects of dogmatic nonsense: one feels euphoric, confident, lively, courageous and special. One has the illusionary feeling of control. Some drunkards get into fights, have been cheered on by the intoxicating effects and feel more courageous than they would have been sober, but in reality alcohol makes them worse fighters. Alcohol lowers concentration, reaction speed and balance. No full-time UFC fighter would consider it a good idea to get into the Octagon drunk. If someone is freezing outside in the winter cold and drinks alcohol, they think they will feel warmer. In reality, the effects of alcohol make them cool down more because they give off more heat to the outside world. Drinking alcohol creates the illusion that the laws of thermodynamics are being disrupted.

The effect of psychedelics can be even more dangerous. Hallucinogenic substances may well have therapeutic effects in small doses under the supervision of medical experts. But if someone experiments on themselves with drugs bought from the Internet or from a friend, it can go badly wrong. Especially when it is about sweary esoteric or other religious dogmas, or sweary paranoid-schizophrenic dogmas from the conspiracy media, it is quite possible that a state of intoxication reprogrammes the dogmas even more firmly into that person. If the person then also develops latent psychotic states as an after-effect of the drug experiments, develops paranoid and schizoid thoughts and thought patterns, then paranoid-schizophrenic dogmas seem all the more convincing. They are self-reinforcing cycles, downright downward spirals.

What did we see with the conspiracy writer David Icke? A catastrophically bad childhood, further blows of fate, depression, the search for meaning, the discovery of esotericism and conspiracy literature, sinking into the champagne swamp of conspiracy dogmas and finally he himself became a guru in search of new victims that can be programmed.

In the past, Icke and consorts only had books, pamphlets, VHS videotapes and public appearances as tools to find and program new victims. An arduous business. However, at the end of the 1990s, the use of the Internet became established. On September 11, 2001, planes crashed into the World Trade Center, triggering an unknown boom in the conspiracy media. 9/11 docs and other material became the most viewed videos on the net. The distribution of the film Loose Change was so enormous that it can no longer be measured. And the American military industrial complex left the conspiracy media largely alone. There was even passive support. Google Video and later Youtube not only took over the free hosting of video material (which was quite expensive with other providers at the time), but also took over the advertising and distribution and monetization (!) of the videos, so to speak. Until the wave of censorship a few months ago, it was easy to earn money on YouTube for years and build a career with conspiracy media, no matter how far-fetched the bullshit and dogmas were.

Youtube/Google also spread Alex Jones’ videos all over the net. The establishment WANTED to spread conspiracy media and we now know why: Because the Jones media became worse and worse in quality and contained more and more irrational dogmas. The more people watched Jones videos, the less time these people had to read real books. The more people watched, the more Youtube and the establishment won.

Alex Jones was formerly known in his school days as an aggressive, violent scatterbrain. Later he put on the mask of normality and made a career as a conspiracy pusher. His work was passable until 2008, then it went downhill and his focus was less and less on offering facts and logic to the audience, but at some point it was all about giving the audience a sense of validation, serving up dogmatic nonsense so that the people in the audience could feel like they had control over their lives and over the world. Alex Jones was just a kind of drug dealer for the drug called “dogmatic feel-good confirmation”. What the facts and the logic didn’t matter anymore. The main thing was that the audience got their regular dose of the drug and could feel as if they were part of a special movement, as if victory over the forces of evil was possible. To this end even the Russian dictator Putin and the cynical businessman Donald Trump were presented as heroes and saviours.

There were more and more people who became addicted to the drug Alex Jones had to offer. And the more addicts consumed the drugs, the greater the sense of community, the illusion of (collective) control and the greater the addictive effect of the drug. And just like with conventional drugs, there were some addicts who wanted to become dealers themselves. And as with conventional drugs, the truism “Don’t get high on your own supply” applies. If you use the drugs you sell, get high on your own, believe your own dogmatic conspiracy bullshit to get high on your own power, then the spiral into the abyss begins. As you can clearly see from Alex Jones. Meanwhile he reminds of cocaine boss Tony Montana from the famous gangster movie Scarface.

Alex Jones and others always feared that sooner or later the government would ban conspiracy media. But it doesn’t come and it never comes. Sometimes the government curbs the conspiracy media to a certain extent, but there is no ban. Because the conspiracy media is a factory for bullshit and programming irrational content into people. The conspiracy theorists’ melting pot is staring at Alex Jones like a drug. The distribution of Jones content and posting on social media also have this intoxicating effect.

In addition, the viewer behavior of the YouTube gurus could be recorded and analyzed and compared with other data from other databases. Which citizen is gawking at which content? How irrational is this content? Which personality structure does this citizen have? Is he or she increasingly staring at irrational content? Does he share certain content on Facebook with other people? Does the personality structure of the citizen even change by staring? Is an addictive behavior recognizable? Does the person move into an echo chamber or filter bubble? Does the person adopt irrational dogmas?

Youtube and Facebook were probably an absolute goldmine of information for the establishment. It seems as if the social media were basically like a gigantic MKULTRA mass experiment.

Just the provision of the internet and especially YouTube led to an explosion of dangerous rubbish. Gurus and pied pipers, who were already active before the Internet, were able to dramatically expose their activities. New Pied Pipers could enter the business of Pied Piping. Whole new generations of dogmatists became active and found new people who could be programmed.

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