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Too few officers? Late calls to DHS and National Guard? Intelligence failures? Really?

Pro-Trump media outlets are pushing the “false flag” narrative in the Capitol fiasco. In other words, the communist world conspiracy is to blame for the misery. The outlets also continue to insist that the presidential elections were stolen, while the manufacturer of voting machines Dominion, who has been accused again and again, has now filed the first lawsuit for defamation. Dominion demands $ 1.3 billion $ in damages from attorney Sydney Powell and will next file suits against various media platforms.

Facts about provocateurs are extremely thin and scarce at the moment and some sensational reports have already been exposed as fakes. If you plan and hype up a grand protest, shouldn’t you prepare in advance to protect against possible provocateurs and simply against violent supporters of your cause? The Q crowd believed in a master plan. Others said Trump played 4D chess. And then a few provocateurs from “Antifa” ruined everything? Sorry, that’s too simple and a lousy excuse. Trump was the wrong man for the job from the start. The Republican Party has never really changed. The following issues are noticeable so far:

  • Two days before Congress was due to formalize President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund became increasingly concerned about the size of the pro-Trump crowd pouring into the District of Columbia in protest. To be on the safe side, Sund asked House and Senate security officials for permission to alert the DC National Guard in case he needed quick assistance. But, said Sund on Sunday, they refused him. The stated reason: Bad optics.
  • Some Capitol cops may have let the protesters in. Investigations are ongoing. It may be that they simply sympathized with the demonstrators.
  • The police seemed too hesitant when the first protesters crossed the outer barriers
  • Mike German, a member of the Brennan Center for Justice and a former FBI agent who specializes in counterterrorism, told The Intercept. “It wasn’t like this was a spontaneous get-together. This was an event that had been planned for weeks, and the social media activities and public statements made by these militants made it very clear what they were up to. ”
  • Trump, Giuliani and various influencers heated up the mood in advance, but apparently had not provided any special preparations to prevent acts of violence by supporters (or provocateurs). Why?
  • Conversations on right-wing platforms are closely monitored by intelligence services. In September, a draft report from the Department of Homeland Security emerged identifying white radicals as the greatest threat to national security.
  • Six days before the rally in Washington, MP Maxine Waters asked the Capitol Police chief about his preparations for various scenarios: Were the roofs secured? Would roads be closed? Did he know that groups like the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers vowed to stir up chaos? Ms. Waters, a California Democrat, said that every one of her concerns had encountered a similar response from Police Chief Steven Sund: “He assured me that they are in control.”
  • Police experts noted there were no mounted officers, or police dogs, or a heavily manned defense perimeter.
  • Michael Chertoff, a homeland security secretary in the George W. Bush administration, questioned why Wednesday’s rallies were not designated as a national security special event, which would have enabled the agency to take the lead in the response. According to official information, the Capitol Police did not ask the Department of Homeland Security for assistance until 2:30 p.m.
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