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Activism and resistance techniques are intentionally designed to fail

Domination is a science. Rulers successfully use various techniques on a scientific level to enforce their interests against the interests of the ruled. If the ruled want to “resist”, i.e. successfully enforce their own interests against the interests of the rulers, they must also use techniques on a scientific level.

The common resistance techniques used by political-ideological and also religious groups are designed in such a way that they cannot really work. They have the effect of getting citizens into trouble, grind them up and tire them out.

People are now understandably afraid of new governmental measures and powers because of COVID. People are afraid of economic problems that could result in new oppression. And the various ideological-political groups are now using their standard resistance techniques against the whole COVID problem.

COVID is treated so far as any other hot topic: The communists demand to solve the COVID problem with more communism. The Nazis demand to solve the COVID-problem with more National Socialism. The centrists demand to solve the problem with more centrism. The conspiracy theorists demand to solve the problem with more conspiracy theories. The libertarians simply cry “more freedom!” All these ideological-political groups are essentially under the control of the authorities, both in terms of key personnel and essential ideas.

According to the American FBI and dozens of other sources, the golden rule seems to be 25% of the important members of a group. So 25% of all important neo-Nazis are “assets”. 25% of all significant Communists are assets. 25% of all center representatives. 25% of all major conspiracy theorists.

The various ideologies have been designed in such a way that they cannot function. Each ideology has interesting partial aspects, but far too many errors and weaknesses. Socialism doesn’t work, neither does National Socialism, the democratic middle ground doesn’t lead to the desired results.

  • Each group offers you flawed ideas about how to organize the coexistence of people.
  • Each group has a grossly flawed, unscientific understanding of human evil.
  • Every group preaches faulty resistance techniques to enforce its own interests against rulers.
  • Each group is essentially group narcissistic and psychopathic at the top and practices classic sectarian behaviour. This means that a number of dogmas (principles of faith) are established and these are then considered sacred, untouchable. These dogmas concern everything possible. Even the recommended, presented resistance techniques are often treated dogmatically. Whereby groups constantly argue internally about which resistance techniques one should use with which timing and in which degree of veracity. Also general ideological (sub-)dogmas are disputed internally.

Three ways

In order to enforce interests, one has (in simplified terms) three different ways:

  • Persuading other people
  • Violence against people
  • Secret operations against humans

This spectrum applies to both rulers and the ruled in order to enforce interests. Religion should not necessarily be seen as a separate, fourth way, because religions also use persuasion, violence and secret operations. People are lured and wrapped up in a supposed message of peace. But if people do not follow suit as desired, or if the moment is simply opportune, violence is used. And of course, religious organizations have had secret structures and secret operations for thousands of years. Deception is not a separate category either, but is part of the spectrum of persuasion and secret operations.

Rulers try to persuade us to do certain things that are in the interest of the rulers: Pay taxes, behave submissively, obey all rules. If we are not behaving enough, then violence is used against us. And, of course, secret operations are being carried out by which rulers want to secure their interests.

The ruled, for their part, try to use the way of persuasion to enforce their interests: Propaganda, agitprop, publicity stunts. If that doesn’t work, the ruled use violence from time to time. But this can quickly backfire because of the lack of professionalism. The ruled also try to form secret organizations and perform secret operations. This can include, for example, getting involved with the secret services of a foreign power. That can also go terribly wrong.

Professionals and amateurs

Rulers are able to use the three ways to enforce their interests at a high scientific level. In the area of persuasion, rulers have the best psychologists and now also tools at their disposal such as automatic data collection and algorithms for psychometrics. Rulers can draw on thousands of years of experience and of course a lot of money. In the field of violence, rulers have professional military and police forces. Counterinsurgency, blocking revolutionary movements, is a true art and there are people who do nothing else during their whole career. In the field of secret operations, rulers are true masters.

In the vast majority of cases, the ruled have little or no skills and knowledge at a scientific level to use techniques in the three ways to assert their interests.

One usually sees standard propaganda techniques from books like “Rules for Radicals” or whatever else is given or recommended to you by your preferred ideological-political group. PR stunts like provoking the authorities, getting arrested on purpose and playing the martyr.

Then there’s party politics: You try to persuade people to vote for a party that seems to be essentially dominated by hunchbacks, scumbacks and cohorts and their ideological garbage. The babbling, the attempt to persuade other people, does not really work as hoped. So you can already guess that you will never persuade enough people.

There are a few right-wing nutcases who want to shoot up a synagogue or mosque. They think that this is an effective way to enforce their interests. They are convinced that they will provoke counter-reactions, that a civil war will ensue and that even the hesitant, moderate conservatives will feel compelled to physically fight for the white race. If several nutcases form a group, however small, it will be betrayed by spies and informers and thus neutralized. The path of violence, as it is taken, does not work as hoped.

Then we saw the attempts of rebel groups to use secret groups and operations to support their interests and to resist rulers. But these groups are either incompetent and meaningless, or infiltrated by real secret services. Then you see again and again how rebels consciously get involved with foreign secret services, such as the Russians. During the Cold War, it was particularly the left-wingers who cooperated with Soviet services. But they didn’t get the results they wanted. Western states gradually became more socialist, but this Western socialism was mainly under the control of Western elites. Social benefits and trade unions were nice, but a universe away from what the left-wing rebels wanted here in the West. There are also people who get caught messing around with foreign services. Then you can lock up those caught “turn” them and let them continue to agitate in order to lure more people into a trap.

Today it is often the right wing who gets involved with Russian services. The West is also currently becoming more conservative again and could become even more conservative in the future, but this conservatism would then be under the control of the old familiar Western elites. Then there would perhaps be more family values again, but by no means what right-wing rebels have wished for.

In the book “Agent Jack” you can read how the British secret service MI5 hunted down British Nazi sympathizers or agents. There were many discontented, rebellious Britons who wanted to overthrow the British government and expected that with this overthrow and a new fascist system one could finally assert one’s own interests. MI5 agents pretended to be Nazi agents or just Nazi sympathizers and asked around. A lot of people were caught in their net. These people were amateurs without professional training; some had competent instincts and a talent for espionage. MI5 felt that if the Nazis had made an effort to set up proper intelligence networks in Britain as early as the 1930s, things could have gotten hairy. But the Nazis knew nothing about espionage and were downright blind when it came to foreign countries. The British (and the Americans and the Russians) knew all the essentials about Nazi Germany.

Quad Cross-Screw-Over

A particular danger for rebels is a technique I call Quad Cross Screw-Over: Two (or more) governments can secretly cooperate at the top and use it to trick and destroy all the rebellious dissidents.

  • The government of country A, with the consent of the government of country B, lets its secret services deal with the rebellious dissidents of country B.
  • Conversely, the government of country B is allowed to let its secret services get involved with the dissidents of country A.
  • The secrets of the dissidents of country A end up with the government of country A through the secret services of country B.
  • The secrets of the dissidents of country B end up with the government of country B through the secret services of country A.

It is exactly this Quad Cross Screw-Over that I strongly suspect is happening between the US and Russia. The CIA has always cheered and supported dissidents in the Eastern Bloc, but always let them down at the crucial moment. The KGB has traditionally cheered and supported dissidents in the West, but when it came push to shove, the dissidents didn’t get what they wanted. Today’s Western dissidents want to lick Putin’s boot and see him as a savior. These dissidents get compromised, discredited and open themselves up to  legal/judicial harrassment. The dissidents in Russia muddle around a bit with the CIA, but nothing really comes of it. We have 20 years of Putin’s rule. It could be close to 40 when he dies. Whenever it came push to shove, the West let the dissidents in Russia down.

A classic dictatorship has its advantages: You can talk to people and force them to listen, you can eliminate dissidents directly by force and you can carry out secret operations to root out dissidents. Secret services always launch fake dissident groups as a honeypot. But the classic dictatorship also has serious disadvantages: The citizens more or less know that the government talks a lot of crap and that the government is only interested in its own rule. The people get angry and know exactly who is to blame for everything. The population has only one way to resist, namely passivity, listlessness, service by the book, slowness, playing dumb. This passive resistance also happens unconsciously. Classical dictatorships are lifeless. There is a unified party, a monarch, or a military junta, the unified ideology or at least the currently leading ideology. To maintain such a dictatorship in the 20th and 21st centuries is extremely difficult. Russia and China needed massive help from the West to maintain their classic dictatorships.

The western, modern form of rule cannot use violence and secret operations against dissidents so directly and unchecked. But there are advantages: The illusion of diversity and relative freedom. In essence, the high nobility created the modern parties, ideologies, conspiracy media and large corporations with its secret services and money. The ideologies were constructed according to different personality structures. There is something for everyone. For the very suspicious there is the conspiracy theorist scene. Everything is secretly controlled (with the 25% rule). Every group has some interesting bits to offer, but also a lot of gross nonsense. Each group sets up dogmas, backed up by group narcissism and cult mentality. Anyone who rejects a dogma or strongly doubts it, becomes the target of a witch hunt.

Parties and politicians take turns, everything is fought over. Everything is viewed strictly through the respective ideological glasses. There are many private companies that exercise power and interfere in politics. This makes Western systems seem much more complex than they actually are. Many citizens tune out mentally because it seems too complicated and chaotic to understand. Or get tangled up in ideological discussions and trench warfare that leads nowhere. Or struggle and never reach their goals with resistance techniques that are designed not to work.

Sometimes the superpowers allow a revolutionary group in the Third World to actually go through with a revolution. The new government in the Third World country then brutally hunts down and destroys the opposing forces. 10 or 20 or 30 years later the superpowers there create a counter revolution and the old ruling group there is brutally wiped out by the new government.

With Hobby-Ché-Guevaras into the Fake Revolution

In the West, people from different ideological-political groups are taught different techniques of resistance:

  • The usual political babbling, persuading
  • Ideological patterns of argumentation, which are programmed into people. Mostly cheap, unfair argumentation tricks
  • Witch hunt: Critics of the dogmas are regarded as malicious, as enemies, as conspirators. Ideologists and activists think it helps their cause to hate and chase away critical thinkers
  • Rules for Radicals: Agitprop, PR stunts
  • Terrorism light and full blown terrorism
  • Revolutionary Warfare
  • Secret Service Tradecraft: Just enough tradecraft to keep people busy and to get them into trouble

We are seeing some of these techniques in the COVID pandemic. 5G cell towers are being torched. The virus threat is played down with bad arguments. People are firmly convinced that it’s a great resistance technique to spread bad conspiracy rubbish on the Internet.

The (invented) Wise Men of Zion exaggerated a harmless virus, they claim. Anyone who parrots this crap is considered good, anyone who rejects it is considered evil. What about Russia’s tough lockdown? No comment from the “truth movement”. Because of the hard lockdown in Russia the “Truthers” (conspiracy theorists) should actually admit that they have either completely failed with their COVID reporting, or with their entire assessment of the Putin regime, or with both.

Self-proclaimed experts on conspiracies collect free junk content on the net like scavengers and then sell it more or less unchecked for money to their audience. Self-proclaimed experts on conspiracies read hardly any or no real books and therefore cannot really assess the manifold topics. They do not even know the history of conspiracy media of the last 200 years. In essence, the conspiracy media has been under the control of Anglo-American and Russian secret services for two centuries.


One must systematically analyze what the glaring weaknesses, predetermined points of failure and flaws of ideologies are. We must expose the extent and nature of foreign control by secret services. One has to find out the extent of psychopathy and (group) narcissism. And the weaknesses of the resistance techniques offered.

The next step is to put together various techniques on a scientific level, with which one can actually assert one’s interests without ending up in a maze or in ruin. There are plenty of source materials for this and you have to assemble the deeper techniques guerrilla-style yourself. One of the focal points is counter-espionage. One of the main tools is good old logic.

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