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The very implausible martyrdom of Cathy O’Brien

Hardly any other book about “ritual abuse” is mentioned and quoted as often as “Tranceformation of America” by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips. Even the Hollywood actress Roseanne Barr advertises O’Brien to the best of her ability and considers herself well informed. But at the same time Roseanne trusts President Trump, although Trump and his entourage are completely suspicious. There we have the typical problem again: People think they are well informed, but then fail at performing simple tasks or assessments.

You can hardly find a self-appointed expert on ritual abuse who does not refer to O’Brien and her excessive tale of martyrdom of having been a programmed, tortured sex slave for the political elite. However, hardly any of the “experts” came up with the idea to critically examine the work.

For comparison: The paedo case in Omaha (Nebraska) had enough usable witness testimony and independent evidence to warrant professional investigations under John DeCamp. During this professional investigation people died and were intimidated.

In the Jeffrey Epstein case, there is a whole range of convincing, mutually corroborating witness statements and plenty of independent evidence such as photographs, passenger lists and airline ticket bookings etc. That is why investigations can be carried out here and why we can see massive countermeasures by established circles.

Because the Oamaha case and the Epstein case are convincing, this does not mean, however, that the O’Brien case is convincing or that O’Brien’s accounts are usable.

Mark Phillips, the master manipulator

Mark Phillips, the co-author (and maybe handler) of Cathy O’Brien, writes in the foreword to the book “Tranceformation of America” that he worked as an employee of a subcontractor for the US Department of Defense and came into contact with “mind control” research. Phillips can only prove that he has seen the same publicly known and limited information about MKULTRA that any other person interested in the subject has seen. He claims to have “freed” Cathy O’Brien and made her more or less healthy again. He wants to be celebrated as a hero without providing any real conclusive evidence.

Phillips tells of a broken, depressing childhood of his: That he feared his alcoholic father, that he was a bad student with attention deficit disorder, severe stuttering and a lack of friends. Only when he was angry, or alone in the woods talking or singing to the trees, could he speak clearly. His mother suffered severe head trauma in a riding accident. As a young adult, he jobbed and read various books at a small university, without any prospect of a degree. Somehow he claims to have managed to earn money in the orbit of researchers, NASA and psychiatric research hospitals. Like a kind of James Bond, he jetted around the world to close big deals, exchange information with agents and even establish movie-like contacts with the Mafia in Las Vegas. His personal relationships had been a disaster and he was determined to become a “control freak”. Later he actually managed to control Cathy O’Brien.

Phillips tells a fancy story about how he stumbled across the big conspiracy with the help of (unnamed) high level intelligence officers. Evidence? Zero. Any conspiracy theorist can make up a story like that.

Cathy appeared to him at the first meeting as “young, pretty, very stupid and dressed like a prostitute”. HeĀ  “played God” and took Cathy and her eight-year-old daughter to an apartment to save them from evil conspirators. The two seemed as if they were “out of touch with reality”. With the help of his knowledge of “mind control”, including alleged research by Heinrich Himmler on “multigenerational Satanists”, he supposedly improvised on the spot and used certain trigger phrases to work on Cathy and her daughter. He encouraged her to divorce her husband and work for him, Phillips, as an assistant. Phillips also divorced his own wife to be able to live with the beautiful Cathy who “dressed like a prostitute”.

Because of this rescue operation Phillips had practically gone bankrupt. All the beautiful money that he allegedly possessed because of his many high-flier contacts was gone because of the great conspiracy. In the following time he “deprogrammed” Cathy and saved her.

But before he succeeded in this great rescue, he was broke, extremely angry, had “unbearable emotional headaches”, suffered from depression and insomnia. He became “slowly insane” according to his own writing. It sounds like a corny Hollywood heroic story. Was it in this phase that he made the plan to slip into the role of a “mind control” expert and act out this role? Did he manipulate Cathy and her daughter to play the roles of damsels in distress in this fantasy world?

The brainwashing

They initially lived on welfare in Alaska for months. He used this time to “de-program” Cathy, meaning to free her from the effects of CIA brainwashing. “Day and night”, “seven days a week”, he had “sessions” with Cathy. It sounds like some kind of exorcism. Did he really de-program her, or did he program her to play the role he intended for her? He describes how he and Cathy basically submitted themselves to sleep deprivation, then denies just that. He talked to her again and again in this state until she “remembered” satanic abuse, or told the stories Phillips wanted to hear. O’Brien is convinced she has a severe dissociative disorder. It used to be called a multiple personality disorder, but it is not so much about different personalities that the person can switch back and forth between, but rather about different roles. Persons with severe dissociative disorder can have a severely damaged memory, which can lead to the mixing of real memories with fantasy or even to completely false pseudo-memories. The affected person can no longer distinguish what is real and what is not.

Was Phillips just an insignificant conspiracy theorist who had read something about MKULTRA and wanted to make a career as a writer himself? Did he really think he was helping Cathy while he unintentionally brainwashed her? Supposedly because of his extensive experience with mind control in the past, he knew how to apply the right “formula” to put Cathy’s “fragmented” mind back together again. This formula consisted largely of “hypno-therapy” although he had no formal qualifications. He considers himself an extraordinarily talented and capable expert in hypnosis.

Usually hypnotherapy consists of only a few sessions, as relaxed as possible. Phillips apparently worked on his wife for months, “day and night”. Whether he was giving her any drugs at all, there’s no way of knowing. I wouldn’t put it past him. Remember how he admitted to wanting to become a “control freak” He “learned how to control Cathy’s trance states.”

In addition, hypnotic regression can cause harm by implanting false memories in the victim, which can arise from the therapist’s imagination and whose acceptance by the client can have negative consequences for the client and his environment. A large number of experimental and clinical studies have shown that actual memories obtained under hypnosis cannot be reliably distinguished from pseudo-memories generated in the hypnotic process. (Even Hippolyte Bernheim was familiar with this phenomenon as “retroactive hallucination”). – Hans-Christian Kossak: Hypnosis. Textbook for psychotherapists and doctors.

Not the CIA, but Phillips brainwashed Cathy:

I remained constantly vigilant to protect Cathy’s physical and mental safety from all outside influences. […] Cathy was not allowed to express emotions during the procedure. […] Cathy was not allowed to read books, watch newspapers or magazines, television or talk to [her daughter] Kelly about any memories. […] All of Cathy’s patterns of behavior and social habits were put to the test by logical discussions between us. All previous patterns of behavior, including daily routines, were subjected to new schedules or stopped completely.

The CIA would have been proud of the stunt Phillips pulled with Cathy. It is reminiscent of an exorcism or the film “The Exorcist” where a possessed girl is worked on by the heroic priests until the demon is driven out of her and the girl is freed. As is well known, set pieces from films with occult scripts ended up in the books of con artists and in the “memories” of alleged victims of ritual abuse.

Phillips also apparently did not allow her to take her daughter to school alone, where she could have talked to other people undisturbed. He talks about how he and Cathy regularly took her daughter to school and picked her up.

By what means did he ensure that Cathy obeyed his instructions? Psychological pressure? Verbal violence? Threats of violence? Did she break these rules from time to time? Did he punish her for those rule violations?

It sounds like he gave the asthmatic daughter the same “treatment”.

It was during these brainwashing sessions that Phillips “fell in love” with Cathy. But his health went down the drain: Dramatic weight loss, post-traumatic stress reactions, “incredible stomach pain,” vomiting and diarrhea. He took heaps of Maalox tablets, which should explicitly not be taken permanently, and certainly not for chronic diarrhoea and weight loss:

If you suffer from impaired kidney function, there can be an increase in aluminum and magnesium in the blood. Long-term use in high doses can lead to impaired brain function (encephalopathy) with speech difficulties, muscle twitching and memory disorders, dementia or a certain form of anaemia (microcytic anaemia) or worsening of bone softening caused by dialysis.

Has he abused any other substances? Uppers like ephedrine, perhaps to keep him awake during the endless sessions and “discussions” day and night? It is precisely such substances that lead to severe weight loss, vomiting, stomach pain, stress reactions and even psychotic states or paranoid paranoia.

Did he administer sedatives or drugs like LSD to Cathy to achieve the desired trance states and make her compliant? Question after question.

Cathy’s daughter had been diagnosed by therapists as “suicidal” and dangerous to the public. Mark and Cathy were unemployed and tried with countless letters to authorities and politicians to get Cathy and her daughter officially recognized as CIA Mind-Control victims with the right to compensation or special social benefits. Actual, officially recognized victims of MKULTRA, such as the family of Frank Olson, had been paid compensation in the amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Cathy’s implausible story

Cathy is only allowed to speakin the book after Phillips has communicated his story in the first 80 pages. Her now 17-year-old daughter ended up in state custody.

Cathy delivers a series of wild stories that have been endlessly quoted but not verified by various authors on the subject of ritual abuse. Mind you: Before Phillips had worked on her with endless “therapy sessions”, she had no “memories” at all of all these alleged events from the past.

In her family environment, she says, there were a striking number of criminal, dysfunctional people with elite connections. The story seems completely exaggerated and far-fetched:

  • Her mother is said to have been a victim of multigenerational abuse, including incest.
  • Her father was a pedophile who subleased her to other pedophiles in the government. Of course, the father was also a victim of multigenerational abuse and was the result of an incestuous relationship.
  • The mother of Cathy’s father was a prostitute
  • The siblings of Cathy’s father were all without exception victims of occult sex abuse.
  • The family of Cathy’s mother had also been completely dysfunctional. Both parents of Cathy’s mother had also been pedos and abused all their children, who in turn abused Cathy.
  • Cathy’s uncle Bob recruited Cathy’s father for the US government’s “MONARCH” program. The father supposedly completed a two-week course at Harvard University.
  • Cathy has two sisters and four brothers, who are of course all “under mind control”.

Seriously, who is stupid enough to believe that crap? Is there even a single relative of Cathy who is halfway normal? A distant cousin maybe, who for once isn’t a multigenerational mind control pedo? The story would sound much more convincing if only Cathy’s father was presented as a pedo conspirator with connections and not the whole clan. But then a problem would have arisen for the storyteller Phillips: Only he can be the hero who saves Cathy. If several of Cathy’s relatives were normal, these relatives could theoretically have saved her, taken her abroad and hidden her away. These normal relatives could then have somehow cooperated with Phillips and publicly confirmed all the depictions. But no, for Phillips it was obvious to present the whole clan as conspirators in his story.

Cathy had been rented by her pimp father to everybody for sex: Family members, friends, local mafiosi, freemasons, satanists, strangers (!) and policemen. And finally to political celebrities. It all sounds like a third-rate shock novel by an amateur writer. All the rest of the book consists of descriptions of alleged abuse by celebrities, a who’s who of names that are of great interest in the conspiracy theorist scene: Dick Cheney, Senator Byrd, George Bush, Bill Clinton and so on and so on and so on.

These celebrity people are very dangerous, but a book like O’Brien’s is no danger to the establishment. On the contrary; they just let O’Brien and similar authors get on with it. Some people believe everything that is written in conspiracy books. However, the vast majority of citizens see how implausible and weird conspiracy literature is and turn away.

Page after page after page of O’ Brien’s book sounds just like the previous pages and that makes reading it a stupid and boring chore. Cathy basically thinks she is the greatest martyr in human history. Nobody can compete with her; neither Nelson Mandela, nor Jesus, nor the most hapless gulag inmate. It is all superlative. Her (alleged) martyrdom is complete. No one can ever write a book about ritual abuse with even more atrocities in it. Phillips and Cathy claim to be the undisputed royal couple of all “mind control” victims around the world.

Cathy’s actual “handler”, Mark Phillips, considers himself an American patriot who will resist the “New World Order” with force of arms if necessary. Countless patriots have read his book (or at least excerpts of it) and believed its contents. The authorities only have to wait until one of these patriots commits an attack or rehearses a joint armed insurrection. If the patriots then stand in court and in their defense tell something about satanic-ritual abuse of the New World Order (or an alleged Jewish world conspiracy), the discrediting of the patriots is complete.

The book by O’Brien and the equally fake works of Fritz Springmeier are the foundation of the current Q myth.

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