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Jordan Peterson is unfortunately fake, not your substitute daddy and not here to help you

Jordan Peterson has a lot in common with typical intellectuals of the left: He wants to fight a culture war with the simplest ideas, presents himself as an academic intellectual without going beyond the old-fashioned and has Eastern Bloc sympathies without really understanding what he is getting involved with.

He told a feminist on camera, that in debates sometimes you get offended and that’s fine. For such truisms, which belong in a fifth grade classroom, he is revered by his fans.

Jordan Peterson’s role as a substitute dad and his primitive advice may have helped people who stood without a compass and mentor. But it’s overdue to grow out of Peterson orbit. The replacement dad, who tells you to clean up your room, not fall for obvious left-wing bullshit and not act like a child, can also fail spectacularly in other ways when things get more complicated.

Being a primitive slogan preacher sometimes pays off: Just like the alt.right millionaires like Steve Bannon (Breitbart), Milo or soon Tommy Robinson, Jordan Peterson also received aid from organizations funded by influential Zionist and neoconservative billionaires.

When Peterson applied for research funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and was rejected, “The Rebel Media” jumped in with Ezra Levant and a fundraising campaign with about $150,000 in revenue.

Ezra Levants Rebel Media is one of the recipients of money from hardcore Zionist neocon circles:

On Twitter, Levant defended the academic Peterson against accusations that he was chumming up anti-Semites in the New Right. Peterson’s closest allies were Jews:

“Jordan Peterson’s closest allies happen to be Jews – just not the self-hating, post-Jews like at The Forward. Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro, Gad Saad, Brett & Eric Weinstein, Christina Hoff Sommers, ad infinitum. This is laughable – as so much of the Forward is these days.”

Peterson’s box office was ringing more and more, through Youtube and a lot of PR.

A former colleague says Peterson plays the role of conservative prophet and martyr.

“That was our last conversation. He was playing out the ideas that appeared in his first book. The social order is coming apart. We are on the edge of chaos. He is the prophet, and he would be the martyr. Jordan would be our saviour. I think he believes that.”


Part of the new right gospel is to advertise Donald Trump. While many new-right stars and converts (Alex Jones) glorify Trump with dishonest coverage and false promises, Peterson has a different style. He plays down Trump’s problems, praises, relativizes, explains, distracts and deviates. At Cambridge he gave a lecture that sounded as if it had been written by an eighth grader or Sarah Sanders.

Wages have risen, unemployment has fallen, economic growth is supposedly “phenomenal”. In fact, it is clear that money is being devalued, debt is rising dramatically and the next massive crash is imminent. For Peterson, Trump is a bombastic, slightly narcissistic businessman, unusual for a politician, but someone who has even made progress in North Korea. Trump has also kept America out of “stupid, destructive wars,” Peterson says, although several conflicts have escalated and Trump is not in control anyway.

His criticism of Trump’s personality is as soft as jello and contains thinly veiled praise. Real experts, on the other hand, suspect a full-blown narcissistic personality disorder with Trump.

When someone insisted and wanted to hear some real criticism about Trump from Peterson, Peterson simply evaded it:

“Well, you know, I’m really not that interested in addressing Trump’s idiosyncrasies and peculiarities. I’m not a domain expert in American politics, and I don’t think what I have to say about Trump, apart from what I can observe psychologically-which is that criticisms of him as a classic authoritarian are misguided-I don’t think I have many things to say that are interesting about him. … Even the Republicans understand that he’s anomalous occurrence. So, you need to figure out what to do about him, or how to talk about him.”

So which is it? The eccentric salesman who’s saving the economy and keeps the peace or “I don’t give a damn?”

Peterson called Trump’s intelligence “well above average” without going into his language style, which is reminiscent of a fourth-grader. Trump had done complicated things, had been “successful in many complex areas”. In reality, he had been born into wealth and was able to save himself through Russian investments and with the help of TV producer Mark Burnett.

Then, according to Peterson, Trump finally won the presidency and that proved intelligence. Such arguments are expected from a clueless man who has seen a bit of TV.

When Joe Rogan made it clear that Trump had an enormously obvious problem with the truth, Peterson immediately opposed and defended him.

With Bill Maher, Peterson got the red carpet treatment, received only softball questions and was celebrated for having told a feminist that when you talk about something, someone can feel offended and you have to accept that. This is now considered profound.

Putin and the Russians

I find no serious criticism from Peterson of Putin and the Russian regime, which emerged directly from the Soviet Union and changed its image from communist to conservative.

Peterson talks a lot of simple and old things about Soviet Russia and the Gulags.

The new right is enthusiastic about Putin and partly openly hopes for a coup d’état in the USA by Putin’s grace. Peterson does not shill directly and bombastically, but subtly. He leaves his new-right audience in the misbelief that Russia is somehow exemplary and conservative. Anyone who doesn’t realise that Russian secret services are now bullshitting Western conservatives, as the KGB used to do to the Western left, has learned nothing from the Cold War and shouldn’t comment on it until a pile of literature has been read.

His daughter is with a Russian and has a child with him.

Q&A: Mikhaila Peterson, daughter of Jordan Peterson, on her all-beef diet and her dad’s overnight fame

Russian media jump to her side:

More and more figures from the new-right scene end up in the net of Mueller’s Russiagate investigations.

His effect

We don’t need right-wing Social Justice Warriors who expect a price for showing up and saying simple slogans they have picked up on the Internet.

If Peterson can’t even adequately describe the psychopathic and narcissistic nature of the Trump administration and Putin’s regime, then he should burn his diplomas and his books can confidently end up in the bin.

Peterson can join a long squad of ultimately useless intellectuals who maintain the primitive left-right thinking pattern and division of society. He will continue to echo simple wisdom without daring to provide truly realistic and accurate assessments of Trump, the new-right scene and its donors, or Putin’s regime in Russia. If the intellectual fails in the face of simple reality, he becomes useless. Most leftist intellectuals in the West continued to support the Soviet Union and socialist ideology even after Solzhenitsyn’s revelations about the Gulag.

It is nice when someone learns through Peterson to finally clean up his room and no longer behave like a child. But who of Peterson’s fans is prepared to clean up the new right scene, the well-known ideological dogmas and their own political circles? The fact that leftists hate Peterson does not change the fact that he earns millions of dollars a year. If Peterson were to start disappointing his regular clientele with reality and pushing them towards real development, the beautiful flow of money could dry up and the new-right competitors would grab the piece of dirty cake.

More and more people notice Peterson’s proximity to the establishment.

Are there relevant facts that I overlooked? If so, please send them to me. What I have no use for is whining that I’m just negative, envious or that it’s all fine for the mission and that we’re winning. There are enough specialist authors whose work and partly also person I value very much. Whenever I touch a celebrity guru however, the fans usually discard immediately the otherwise proclaimed values about honest discussions.

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