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Will a Netflix show and new books cause a breakthrough in the Epstein case?

New books about the Jeffrey Epstein complex and a new Netflix series promise breakthroughs. Is progress really being made in this case, or is it rather being “handled” in a limited, artificial framework?

It was originally a stubborn journalist from the Miami Herald who spent years on the case that everyone else had long since dropped. She made a breakthrough. Not the typical conspiracy media, which actually had enough time and money for something like this.

The typical conspiracy media tried to politicize the case and mainly accuse suspects from the left spectrum, while figures around Epstein like Donald Trump, Attorney General Barr or Alan Dershowitz were shielded.

Although Prince Andrew insists that he cannot remember ever having met Miss Roberts, in the new Filthy Rich documentary she describes how she met the Duke in 2001 in the townhouse of Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell before a guessing game was to be played.

She told the series’ interviewers: “Ghislaine has this popular quiz she does, she goes to Prince Andrew, ‘how old do you think Virginia is? And he said: ’17’.

She replied: ‘Oh, you’re right! They made a little joke about it. He said, ‘My daughters are not far from your age. My daughters are a little bit younger than you.

Prince Andrew would be the obvious pawn sacrifice, but he belongs to the high nobility. Epstein’s dead, Maxwell’s gone underground. All that remained were those who regularly visited Epstein’s properties.

Whitney Webb provided the hardest analysis on MintPressNews so far, ignoring all traces to Russia, while MintPressNews seems to be generally friendly to the Kremlin.

The Epstein book by Dylan Howard was very detailed and fair.

Now “A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein” gets published. In an excerpt from the book, which was made available to the New York Post, it was said that Clinton would have sex with Maxwell on Epstein’s Lolita Express plane on overseas trips and visit her in her Manhattan townhouse. The former president has denied having had an affair with Maxwell.

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