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“Activism” means infighting among the 99%

Remember Occupy WallStreet, the amorphous activist blob which grabbed headlines years ago but changed absolutely nothing? They had a really good slogan: “We are the 99%”

It really makes no sense for the 99% to fight each other (through activism and other means) but that’s exactly at the core of most activism. You are being pestered to join in on the activism against women, men, the middle class, the lower class, blacks, whites, Christians, Muslims, the left, the right, the police or whatever.

Everyone you are supposed to be campaigning against is a regular taxpayer slave. Sure, some left activists will tell you they are campaigning against the super rich, but the super rich are out of reach. The rich usually pay left activists to attack the middle class which is a far easier target. The right scolds the left for being on the payroll of George Soros but the right is sucking on the tits of the Koch Brothers and other billionaires.

No group does actual new fundamental research; they believe they know everything they need. The 1% has controlled political ideologies from the start. You have the freedom to choose one of the flavors which are absolute scams.

Black Lives Matter will not change the Angloamerican superpower and the lives of African American serfs. Fridays for Future will not bring us a nice green future. The Tea Party movement has long been absorbed by the GOP. This QAnon nonsense is next.

2003 saw the largest synchronized protest in human history against a possible Iraq war. The month the war began. Frustrated activists were duped into doing activism for the Democrats, which did not result in Bush losing the next election or in his impeachment. Others joined in conspiracy activism which did nothing to stop the two political parties. Some tried radical libertarian activism for a while which no results. Then the 1% launched the alt/new right trend and the bizarro Trump fad. Activists fell for it and went nuts. After 4 years of Trump nothing substantial has changed.

Political movements picke more or less concrete objectives, techniques to achieve these objectives, organizational structures, leadership, one of the old standard ideologies and the alliance with one of the three superpowers.

At each individual point, secret services can intervene to disrupt, destroy, radicalize or run the respective movement as an impotent reservoir of malcontents. Common disinformation and mental disorders ensure that there are serious weaknesses in every movement from the outset, which can be exploited and reinforced accordingly.

  • Objectives: If one succeeds in influencing the goals of an organization through disinformation or infiltration, one can redesign the goals in such a way that they are too lax or overly ambitious, counterproductive and self-destructive. In conservative movements, for example, the objectives can be redesigned to the extreme right, so that no less than the total restructuring of society is aimed at. This leads to mistrust; is it about limiting migration and conservative values or about a white ethno-state and the establishment of a national socialist regime? Leftist movements have often efficiently created front organizations with individual manageable and realistic, concrete objectives: women’s rights, anti-nuclear power, environmental protection, etc. The new right wing occupied the issue of a migration stop, but rushed right in with the idea of establishing a dictatorship. The fragmentation of the population has reached such an extent that no group can impose its own will on others. Political objectives can not only violate national laws, but also trigger international norms and foreign services. The CIA may be used against you if you fraternise with the Russians.
  • Enemies: The larger the amount of designated enemies, the more radical you are. Some idiots declare 90% of their country to be the enemy. Activists are behaving like the Taliban. Every doubter is immediately considered an enemy.
  • Techniques: The possibilities of sabotaging the techniques used in a movement are endless. Fanatical propaganda repels the majority of people; bad planning ensures that members struggle without success. Radicalism opens the door to persecution by police and secret services. Terrorism on different levels brings in new problems. Leftists wanted the long march through institutions and infiltration everywhere, because citizens in the West did not want to go along with an overnight revolution. Parliamentarism has many pitfalls. Getting help from questionable sources can quickly backfire. Sectarian mechanisms can lead to disaster.
  • Organizational structures: Structures that are too rigid are easier to infiltrate. Structures that are too loose are too inefficient. Leftists had done a lot of networking. As a real revolutionary you could dally around the whole world and do things.
  • Leaders: Psychopaths, narcissists and schizos in the management level reliably destroy any organization. The crazier the more easily an organization can be misused or destroyed.
  • Standard ideologies: With every standard ideology you make a large part of the population your enemy, you adopt a false model for explaining evil and a false doctrine of salvation for fighting evil. One adopts a false analysis of history.
  • Alliance with one of the three superpowers: As soon as you get involved with a superpower, you are extremely vulnerable to infiltration and the organs of the other superpowers.

Almost all activists lack an independent tradecraft, any advanced understanding of the superpowers and their intelligence agencies.

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